College entrance examination should not be an opportunity

just finished the college entrance examination in 2016, and now many of the merchants are sitting at home happy to count the money? With the entrance of such a special moment, many businesses launched a fantastic but there is indeed a market opportunity. Such a phenomenon so that professionals are saddened, college entrance examination should not be an opportunity, the market should not be such an economy.

I do not know since when, the word "examination economy" appeared in different occasions, and more and more stately style. What candidates live in hotels, eat dinner, oxygen bar…… Not only has it, but also has its own. The exam, especially the college entrance examination, almost became the "speculators" hands. In a "test" word, parents at Xueben, manufacturers make a lot of money. As for candidates? What they think, seems to be outside of the economy.

actually, come to think of it, this "examination economy" is It is sheer fiction. And do not say how many students live in the hotel, enjoy the "extraordinary service", is this speculation to the candidates bring more heavy psychological pressure, is enough to make people understand the heart will afterwards — The loss outweighs the gain.

from the major aspects that make full use of existing educational resources, more talent, good talent, is consistent with the fundamental interests of the country; a small way, for the candidates to create a calm appropriate examination atmosphere, the normal play, test level, to comply with the requirements of parents, candidates based.

the reason is very clear, why are people on the college entrance examination, speculation about retrofit? To put it bluntly, is a "benefit". In the eyes of some people, is tantamount to "economic interests", even at the expense of the petty profits. Some people call the "examination economy", but it is synonymous with the opportunity to get rich. CPPCC National Committee member Fang Yanyu pointed out sharply: do not take a joke on the economy!"

exam candidates on the occasion, the special needs of normal, quiet environment, energy, and state of mind. Psychologists pointed out that, on the eve of the college entrance examination, families and society should create relatively calm and relaxed environment for the candidates. Different from the usual care, comfort, care, care, are likely to translate into pressure, is not conducive to the normal play of candidates. The face of college entrance examination, candidates, parents, the community should maintain a normal heart. As for the herd "hype", bring candidates can only be negative influence. It can be made clear that the college entrance examination is not an opportunity.

candidates also a quiet, but also the original meaning of the college entrance examination, not only the needs of candidates, but also the needs of social progress, the need for education reform. Today, the college entrance examination, the imperial examination is fundamentally different from the feudal era, is no longer the former kind of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fight off a single plank bridge ", a test for life situation has become history.

in recent years, according to

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