After 90 college students to sell the annual income of 2 million 500 thousand Taiwan cake

college students since graduated from that moment, you should learn to take life, become the most important issue, can not enjoy the hand clothing to eat a ready-cooked meal life, but to find a suitable job is not easy, many students choose to start their own business. College students from Chongqing 10 square meters of shops, selling hand cake just two years of income of up to $2 million 500 thousand!


you have been in the North Street Snack Street to eat Taiwan hand cake? This less than 10 square meters of shops boss was a newly graduated university students. Yu Pu big when it began to grasp the cake boss, in two years, the development of 4 outlets, 1 processing plants and 8 stores, annual revenue of $2 million 500 thousand.

the beginning, Yu Hua Pu to do chain direct mode, but when they have third stores, the brand began to polish. Want to compete with big brands to open the market segments, we must attract franchisees.

"each sell a dough to the franchisee, they earn 8 cents, we earn only 50 Fen, puerile." Yu Pu Pu said, according to 10 months, the 5 stores to buy at least 2500 dough a day, only a year to sell dough turnover can reach $1 million.


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