Entrepreneurs must read the entrepreneurial lessons do not know

now, many people choose to start a business, how can we truly realize their dreams through entrepreneurship, harvest the first pot of gold? The process of starting a business is the process of turning your ideas into reality. However, from the many cases of entrepreneurial failure, I can see a lot of entrepreneurs to ignore some of the key factors, the results of the creative process, turned into a nightmare.

1, you are a great creative, this fact can not make you a great performer.

The founder of

2, no listen to management easy to fail.

3, venture capital is not always good.

Cooperation and

4, the high valuation of the early start-up companies are not always good.

if development of start-up companies can continue to meet the market and investors’ expectations, so the high valuation is good for young companies. If your next valuation is lower than the initial investor’s valuation, you will have a difficult time getting a new round of growth.

Karl  Stark and Bill  Stewart think these basic lessons that they see in many entrepreneurs will be ignored. I believe that when the entrepreneurial enterprises to focus on these lessons, there will be more opportunities to develop their own creative ideas into a profitable enterprise.

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