Guangzhou city issued the avian influenza warning information

recently received mobile phone people in cases of infection in Guangzhou city of bird flu, let people see the threat of avian flu, we call on the people of Guangzhou must not be captured in poultry and poultry, do not have direct contact, at present, more than 30% of the Guangzhou market H7N9 avian influenza virus contamination of different degrees.

yesterday morning, many people have received a warning issued in Guangzhou center of the "emergency notice": "Guangzhou City Emergency Office of health and Family Planning Commission to remind you: the winter season is the peak season for bird flu infection, at present a number of domestic city reported cases, I found the cases had contact history of live poultry. For you and your family’s health, please avoid contact with live poultry, poultry products, such as the need to choose fresh poultry products. Guangzhou Early Warning Center released in February 9th."

due to the bird flu prevention and control, Guangzhou city had already decided, 1~3 monthly 16 to 18 consecutive 3 days in poultry wholesale and retail meat market preventive Hugh city. Guangzhou City CDC has been on January 16~18 days of the poultry market to assess the effectiveness of the results, the results show that: 3 days off measures can make poultry market environment of influenza virus purification of more than 60%.

before and after the Spring Festival, people will use a large number of poultry as holiday food, because of increasing in number, hope to be able to allow people to further emphasize health, let more people to stay away from poultry, not private breeding, slaughter live poultry; poultry products to be cooked food; wash hands, ventilation, warm cold, physical the body; fever, headache and other symptoms of early medical treatment, take the initiative to inform the history of exposure to poultry.

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