2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money

different places of business, in the face of different consumer groups, the suitable choice of entrepreneurial nature are not the same, therefore, no matter where we conduct business, if you want to get success, nature also need to choose the business opportunities. So, in 2016, what do you do to make money? Let me see small series of.

2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money? Kindergarten

rural people now pay attention to children’s early education, if you are good at singing and dancing, full of love, family housing spacious, consider starting a kindergarten. The main investment is the purchase of open kindergarten toys, can do. Each child tuition fees 20 yuan per month, about $10 a year for about $200, the annual income of 30 children enrolled in about $6000.

due to the increasing number of migrant workers brothers away from their families and children, resulting in elderly parents and young children can not be lonely and helpless to receive good education. You can try to provide such an environment to cultivate children left home, focusing on quality education, such as computer learning, sports training, etc.. At the same time to provide places for elderly parents to relax. These two can be your own wealth, but also can benefit the villagers.

2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money? Rural supplies rental shop

needs of the farmers in production and life a lot of tools, but may not purchase a full one. Conditional, you can invest ten thousand yuan or so, the purchase of some farmers will use items rental, rent collection. Rental goods can be divided into three categories: one is what activities such as weddings, wedding dresses, camera, kitchenware, feast with table and stool and wine; the two is building tools, such as template, trolley, storage tank; three is a small agricultural machinery, such as sowing machine, threshing machine, grass cutting machine etc.. Rolling development can be used in the way of gradual additions.

2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money? Open a hair salon

village Barber beauty is a blank, it is a market potential, young men and women can learn hairdressing skills, the store opened in the township seat. Ten thousand yuan tuition fees and the purchase of hairdressing, beauty equipment. If operating properly, when the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan.

2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money? Rural residential design industry


building is a top priority in the farmer’s life, with the development of social economy, but also to the farmers residential practical and beautiful, individuation, more and more rich peasants in the building more carefully, in order to project, so you need to have specialized design, research of new residential construction.

2016 township entrepreneurs do what to make money

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