Hainan nternet plus innovation and entrepreneurship festival held today

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from the Internet era of entrepreneurship, gradually entered the "Internet plus" era, the birth of a plus indicates that the Internet has been integrated into our life and all aspects of the work. Hainan "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship festival held in Haikou today, eight highlights concern.

12 16 July to 31, 2015 in Hainan province Internet plus Innovation Festival will be held in Haikou, will be held during the 8 main activities and 20 field enterprise special events, bright scene. Activities designed to help the Internet innovation and entrepreneurship practice, innovation and entrepreneurship to promote employment in order to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the development of the Internet industry in Hainan.

highlights: the revival of Haikou City Internet innovation park opened in

12 the morning of 16 August, 2015 in Hainan province Internet plus Innovation Festival will be held at the opening ceremony of the Haikou city renaissance. By then, the Internet Renaissance City Innovation Park will be held in the opening ceremony.


two highlights: innovation Fair Exhibition public can zero distance contact technology

12 16 – – 20, the city will be held in the city of innovation park innovation market, Hainan innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises to provide a social image of the environment. More than and 60 innovative entrepreneurial enterprises will focus on new technologies, new products, new business models.

Three Highlights: venture roadshow winning team will receive equity investment

12 16 -29 June, will host the Internet venture roadshow in the Renaissance City Park, from the "Internet plus" in the selection of a number of innovative projects with project team roadshow. The government will help the intention of the team to get access to the relevant resources of innovation and entrepreneurship. Roadshow, the winning team will receive government equity investment support.

four highlights: the theme of the forum in a thousand entrepreneurs entrepreneurship dialogue big coffee

12 16 PM, Hainan innovation and entrepreneurship theme forum will be recommended in Hainan song and dance

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