Guangxi discovered the earth eye of the natural landscape

in Guangxi is an ethnic minority autonomous region, where beautiful scenery, many travel enthusiasts attention, so a scenery near Guilin in Guangxi Douan, has attracted people’s attention, to attract consumers across the country to concern, worthy of good.

is located in the northwest of Guangxi Du’an Yao Autonomous County is a typical Karst landform, originated in seven hundred get the Soviet underground rivers by 1 main and 12 tributaries. In the Soviet underground river, the development scale, there are hundreds of different forms of the skylight, combined into "Douan skylight group".

linear distribution in the Su beads of underground rivers basin. Among them, a larger scale, the typical morphology of skylight is 136, can enter the well reached 47, a window embedded in Dayaoshan earth, connected with the underground river system, the mysterious and beautiful, also known locally as "the eye of the earth".

When people enter an

, you will hear about the earth’s eye view, must be keen to get there, the wonders of land. Guangxi Douan folkway, local special geographical location, creating a a natural landscape, is expected to.

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