400 yuan started small lanterns made of international business

with only 400 yuan in Yiwu started, Liu Pengfei began his entrepreneurial path with lanterns. These lanterns not only lit his ideas, he also lit the future path of development.

2007 Liu Pengfei graduated from Jiujiang University, with a simple package came to the city of Yiwu, the international metropolis of business opportunities. Liu Pengfei was so quick to quit business, another reason is that on one occasion he went to a friend’s house, see he made a business with Alibaba, earn 1800 dollars, he said that the virtual network can make the reality of the business, which gave him a great shock, then after he knew that e-commerce can make money, working overtime to study how to use e-commerce to make money.

in Yiwu this is known as the world’s largest commodity wholesale market in only several sales in the lanterns, this discovery gave him a thrill of joy. The lanterns made a painstaking research after he discovered the lanterns market in less demand for the state, less competition, great potential. So he felt that this product is more suitable for his business. But at that time the situation is he has no money, no customers, in order to solve this problem he thought the most hot Alibaba e-commerce platform.

At the beginning of

and alumni entrepreneurship, he just made a few lanterns website, hang lanterns photos, spend 400 yuan from the small commodity market in Yiwu bought more than and 100 lanterns in online sales, if not what he expected, the first month he earned thousands of yuan, which makes him very popular Vincent, he was even more convinced a potential product plus Alibaba this excellent e-commerce platform can help him fly.

opened his own lanterns factory since 2008, he immediately set up his own company website. Network regardless of national boundaries, but through the network platform to engage in foreign trade does need a little tricks, so in addition to the use of network trading platform trading, he also studied Google, Baidu and other search engines to study their characteristics. And then put the corresponding keywords, so that the search rankings have been more forward. He wanted to do after two years of production and sales of the first name, he did not expect less than a year to complete the 4 million lanterns sales, two years to complete a goal.

2010 they also sees football shaped lanterns sold to the world cup in South Africa, so that "football" is flying in the sky. E-commerce has become an irresistible trend in the world. Through Alibaba and other sites to do trade, Feitian lamps factory has made rapid development. Since sales also recommend lanterns

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