China’s first successful SPS surgery Shanghai first fat treatment

The development of

technology has a positive impact on people’s life and social progress. In the role of science and technology, all walks of life have been greatly developed, as the people’s lives are closely related to the medical market is even more so.

26 year old Shanghai girl Xiao Zhu, less than five meters tall, weighed more than 300 pounds, the BMI index is as high as 69.4. This figure is the highest in the existing record, Shanghai.

Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University 19 disclosure, the success of the International Institute for diabetes and obesity treatment team for the first SIPS operation Chinese 3run. This operation is of innovative treatment of diabetes and obesity surgery (SIPS=StomachIntestinalPylorusSparing, +300cm sleeve gastric duodenal switch + retention pyloric + single anastomosis), is superior to the traditional gastric bypass surgery in the treatment of diabetes and obesity, but can avoid dumping syndrome and marginal ulcer complications may occur after gastric bypass surgery. SIPS surgery will be the future of diabetes and obesity surgery, and will also bring greater benefits to patients.

19, the third Sino American Diabetes and obesity surgery summit held here. The expert meeting by the Fudan University Affiliated Hospital Affiliated to Duke University medical center, Pudong Hospital of Harvard University, Cleveland medical center, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Hong Kong and Rush University Medical Center in the Mainland University jointly organized.

At the

meeting, a review of the surgical approach, the future of diabetes and obesity surgery, and the special problems of young people and the elderly were discussed. The sea and the domestic and foreign scholars have also had a new, more effective, less injury to the patients to discuss the surgery. Reporters learned that SIPS surgery will be the future of diabetes and obesity surgery, will also bring greater benefits to patients.

reporter learned from the forum, China’s adult diabetes prevalence rate of about 11.6%, which means that each of the 10 adults, there are at least 1 people with diabetes. According to statistics, at present, China has about 180 million people suffering from obesity, about 580 million overweight, overweight and obesity, a total of about 760 million.

Zhang Peng, director of diabetes and obesity surgery, Pudong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, traditional medicine treatment and diet control are not ideal for the treatment of diabetes, the patient eventually suffering from diabetes complications. Minimally invasive surgical treatment of obesity and diabetes in recent years in China rise, in addition to weight loss to the normal outside, also can make about 85% diabetic patients achieved clinical cure, namely in the treatment of drug free, normal blood glucose levels. As a new technique for this type of surgery, SIPS surgery will be able to further improve the cure rate of diabetes.

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