Li Kaifu hair long micro blog to young entrepreneurs pouring eight barrels of cold water

a lot of young people have a modern entrepreneurial goals, but the lack of practical experience and courage to face failure. Fantasy of how to become famous overnight, a few days will be able to harvest the fruits of entrepreneurship, and Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu on the timely pouring eight barrels of cold water.

The full text is as follows:

In Taiwan and several entrepreneurial activities related to

this months, there are a lot of young people are full of enthusiasm to participate in. Most often hear the following questions:

1, should I apply for a large company, or start their own business?

2, I would like to venture, where to find a partner?

3, I want to start a business, but parents do not support, how should I do?

4, I have a good idea, no money no technology how to do?

5, I want to do a XXX, where financing change?

Faithful words grate upon the ear..

1) entrepreneurship is a difficult process, especially in today’s Taiwan environment. Not only do you have to work harder than you do, you don’t get a paycheck, you pay or borrow money, you run into a wall, and even if you do it well, you may end up losing a lot of money. Today on the cover of the magazine popular entrepreneurs, a few years after the company could no longer scenery or even collapse (not the letter, may read a few years ago magazine). The probability of actually making a great company is probably one in ten. In this regard, do you really want it?

2) really fit for the business of the people, is a proactive, is not afraid of risk, is confident and self-conscious, will be able to solve their own problems. They will not go to ask the speaker, teacher, expert. They don’t hesitate to worry about their parents’ approval, their expectations. So, if these problems really make you tangled, you are likely to lack this entrepreneurial gene, perhaps not suitable for entrepreneurship.

3) what kind of person is suitable for entrepreneurship in addition to genes? They are passionate but also rational, love products and users. They set an example, good at learning, hard work, to recommend

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