Travel concierge services startups financing

a variety of APP appear convenient for people to eat and drink, and these APP R & D for the development of enterprises has brought a very big value, so that the development of enterprises with a new impetus.

Tourism technology startups

Lola founder Paul  English (Kayak co-founder and former CTO) recruited a number of industry experts as the company’s consultant.

4 5, Lola Orbitz  Worldwide  Barney  former CEO  Harford has joined Lola as non-executive chairman, Barney  Harford in Orbitz  Worldwide was acquired by Expedia left after.

General  Catalyst Joel  Cutler and Vc firm Accel  Partners Harry  Nelis all joined the Lola board of directors.

General  Catalyst and Accel  Partners are involved in a new round of investment in Lola. In April 5th, Lola said it had completed a $19 million 700 thousand A round of financing, including Paul  (Blade), a fund set up earlier by English, a start-up company incubator.


requires mobile App provides travel agency that human services, which ensure the efficiency may be harsh and requirements. However, for this App listed, the industry will wait and see.


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