Pay attention to the Spring Festival


said that a shop sales work is very tiring, but that only need to do a good job related services can be, in fact, really tired and tired of the heart or stock. To tell the truth: the Spring Festival stocking is indeed a vexing trouble, reserve more selling, after the Spring Festival is one of the largest and most long off-season, even selling at a loss, not necessarily how many people will buy less; if the reserve is not enough to sell, and with suppliers basically go home go, but nowhere to replenishment, only to watch the business opportunities in the eyes lost in vain.

to prepare a scientific and rational, an ample supply of goods, every year I from the computer out of the past two years during the Spring Festival, sales ledger, sales according to the variety and quantity of previous years, combined with the present some environmental factors may affect sales, a good and reasonable purchasing plan. Because is the procurement indicators according to sales data from the same period last year, so the annual Spring Festival sales peak, I can guarantee the supply of adequate supply, of course, the festival also never had a large backlog of overflow phenomenon of library.

reserves of spring festival goods, there is an important issue can not be ignored. The Spring Festival gift sent to buy food customers more, fake food, this time will be left on potential. If we are not strict, careless hit the shelves out, will damage the interests of customers, the loss of our customers and facing the relevant laws and regulations of punishment; seriously jeopardize the lives of consumers, at the same time give us businesses bring crowning calamity.

therefore, we in the organization of food, beverage supply, in addition to see its shelf life, but also to its cable, cable votes. Look at the relevant documents, mainly to see its have the food safety production qualification; ask for invoice is to prevent the day after, if in case of accident disputes, we will have a basis to protect our rights and interests.

in short, more than a little effort in stocking work, the store will have a very big help during the spring festival. So, if you want to make their own shops in the Spring Festival in 2017 to make a fortune, may wish to master a little stocking skills, so as to do a good job this year, the stock, so that the shop business is booming.

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