What are the online business scam

network is indeed a place full of business opportunities, as long as we can choose to good business opportunities, good at business, the probability of becoming rich in such a hot industry will be very high. However, the network is such a complex place, all kinds of tricks are also very much, so if we choose to start online, nature also need to guard against all kinds of tricks. So, what are the online business scam?

online business is convenient, low investment, large profit margins and other advantages to attract entrepreneurs, such as: online animation store opened in the online fans boutique. Online business brings good business opportunities to entrepreneurs at the same time, also hidden crisis, perhaps as entrepreneurs enjoys this fertile land of entrepreneurship, has been of interest with the pair of liar early inflamed eyes stared at these entering the mall "lamb".

this disrupts the normal business order, so that the business of entrepreneurs cast a shadow. In order to help entrepreneurs do not fall into the trap of maximum, Xiaobian for everyone to sum up the seven online business scam, we want to give warning and help.

trick One: the chain set

Jane Zhu, a college student who is struggling with failure, her failure lies in the over reliance on others. 2009, Jane Zhu has just graduated from college, many times to find a job, have died due to various reasons. Finally, in the sister reminded to make a small shop owner. However, 09 years of Taobao has been very competitive, clothing, cosmetics, food and so on, Jane Zhu have visited, but always feel hard to start.

nothing to do, she found a good job to open the glasses shop, profit margins, competition, market potential. However, in Jane Zhu ready to learn technology for the shop when doing professional bedding, suddenly from the Internet to find a new brand in the product agent glasses, and by consulting the know, agent, technology, business can not learn those things, just need to open a shop on the net, ready to take orders can be.

and now engage in activities, just need to pay 50 thousand dollars deposit, you can get the goods in installments of $100 thousand, but this is a good thing in the sky pie. However happy to happy, Jane Zhu still want to try to run a month, and then sign with the same.

did not want to, less than half a month’s time to receive two big list, and received a lot of want to book this brand of the phone, which makes Jane Zhu gradually relaxed vigilance. Coupled with the salesman’s constant urging, thinking for a long time or money over reason, the contract signed, the money hit. But after found that in addition to 20 thousand dollars genuine, all come to nothing.

this is a typical example of a chain like scam, where a liar captures the entrepreneurial mindset of finding opportunities

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