Puff new dessert snacks to seize the female consumer demand

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era, seems to make us feel that we have to start the most primitive matriarchal society, the status of women gradually increased in the world has gradually occupied the most important position. Of course, this is only a small series of personal views, but one thing is that the establishment of the independent status of women in the economic market requires a set of women specifically for the consumer market. And Xiao Bian think who can hold such an opportunity who is more likely to succeed. Dessert is undoubtedly a consumer oriented consumer products.

independent survey of China’s authoritative data show that the annual sales of 130 billion yuan dessert, and an annual rate of expansion of the market share of dessert at the rate of 25%, but also created a success rate of more than 90% of the venture. "Puff new dessert" because of fashion and individuality color fragrance widely popular with young people, was praised as the dessert elite in the industry, the average profit of up to 70%, part of a single product in more than 300% of the profits, in 2015 to become the favored by investors to join the project.

in the traditional dessert shop, only a puff, dough wrapped butter. In the new dessert puff, puff pastry and 26 kinds of innovation process, to subvert the traditional concept, creative appearance, taste to shake the soul and a long aftertaste. A bite of the skin, fresh crisp fragrant, stuffing silk smooth, hot cool wonderful experience on the tongue instantly burst, can not sell delicious full!

Qili sent 16 dessert catering division, to France for more than 3 years of learning and watch the process of dessert, held in Lyon dessert contest, after returning to the painstaking research and development, the full integration of the Chinese and Western tastes,

finally launched the new innovative puff dessert by senior marketing people for product promotion.

all products are integrated with the international trend of the elements of style, all the French fashion, romantic, urban, young temperament, the tide of men and women do not like to blame!

all kinds of desserts are made of high quality flour, natural milk, fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh meat, not only tasty, crisp and tender taste full, delicious and attractive, more nutritious, guests never miss!

imported from abroad, with the standard modern baking perfusion micro cutting process, compared with the traditional manual infusion and manual cutting, produce puff more full three-dimensional shape is more uniform!

puff new dessert shop in addition to a great variety of puff series products, will effectively integrate Boudin, Egg Tart cookies, such as hot dessert, a combination of sales. In similar projects in the industry, with many products, strong profitability, is thriving!

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