Open the Chengdu shop to open the right way

When it comes to the characteristics of the flavor of food to join the

, which had to be well known in Chengdu Food City, where Chengdu dish to join the project to attract the attention of many businesses. This is a very worthwhile investment in the characteristics of food and beverage to join the project, you want to grasp the business opportunities to make money to do business, the following points investors need to pay attention:

Chengdu dish to join the attention of an accurate positioning is a prerequisite

catering industry is one of the most competitive industries, entrepreneurs should grasp the principle of dislocation competition to seek business characteristics. Continuous innovation, the introduction of new style, new varieties, new services, new features.

Chengdu dish to join the attention of two, the correct location is the key

site selection plays a special role in restaurant business. Restaurants should be selected in the shopping center, downtown, business office area, large residential consumption concentration area, and the bus station, subway station and the subway is also a good choice.

Chengdu dish to join the attention of three, clever marketing is the element

catering business needs a very good marketing art, the best idea into a gimmick, as far as possible, no one I have, I have refined."

Chengdu dish to join the attention of four, attentive service is to help

the customer is always God, they can bring a good market reputation, and have a "snowball effect". Therefore, to provide customers with quality services, such as the provision of takeout and booking services, extended business hours, etc., can attract some old customers.

in short, the food and beverage industry to do a good job, must have the human, material and financial resources. Human resources include catering business managers, good cooks and waiters. Managers in all directions in the development of catering industry, he is like a man of nerve; cook, quality and taste determine food, solid can not be ignored; the waiter, on behalf of the catering industry image, to set up a subtle effect of food and beverage brands. In addition, financial and material resources is the lifeblood of the survival and development of food and beverage. I think it is better to choose a personal business to join in, can reduce the number of human and material resources of the capital.

Chengdu dish to join the attention to the key points to keep in mind the following:

1, selected projects, to have their own characteristics, follow the trend of business will only die fast.

2, into the heart, do not think that hired staff Everything will be fine., must qingliqingwei.

3, control the cost, the cost control over a long period of time can save you a major recommendation

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