Jingmen venture capital innovation fund to enter the college special activities

for college students to build a platform for entrepreneurship is more and more social forces, college students to wear all kinds of opportunities are more and more, entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better. Recently, the agricultural Valley · Jingmen entrepreneurial innovation fund into the special events held in the University, let us take a look at it!

3 on the evening of 28 August, by the Municipal Finance Bureau, the city and Social Council, innovation and entrepreneurship Service Bureau, municipal government finance office organized Jingchu University of technology, agricultural Valley investment limited liability company, Jingmen television station, Hubei Yima Angel venture investment fund center for agricultural Valley · Jingmen City Entrepreneurial Innovation guide the fund into the university special activities in Jingmen University held.

in the event, the Municipal Finance Bureau is mainly responsible for Jingmen entrepreneurial innovation related policies to guide the funds for dissemination and interpretation of the leaders and guests to attend the activities for college student entrepreneurs on behalf of the payment of living allowance, 30 college students entrepreneurs also live with relevant financial institutions signed a loan agreement and the entrepreneurial innovation fund guide small loan agreement.

in the roadshow link project, 6 entrepreneurs enthusiastically introduced their own entrepreneurial projects, namely Jingmen Chi vision Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. automotive electronics project, easy Internet integrated service platform project, Zhichuang future 3D printing project, Koch snow battery project, Yongkang third precision medical detection center project and super small campus public projects to help.

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