Supermarket store manager easy to make three mistakes

we can’t deny that many customers really grasp a perfect knowledge management, however, in the actual management of store work also easy to make mistakes, to affected the development of the whole shop. So, supermarket store manager easy to make three mistakes? Let Xiaobian to resolve.

, a supermarket store manager does not pay attention to process management, is the East about the west, have a good plan for their own work, a plan is not well implemented, this leads to a lot of work, there is no way to carry on the command system is chaotic, the efficiency is not high. This is one of the reasons.

two, supermarket stores manager work is not serious, not fine, careless, did not form a good working habits, do not check the progress of the work, not that heart problems, without an examination of his work.

three, supermarket store manager job responsibility is not in place, the total does not need to do such a good job. Where is just a job, do a thing, not the spirit of the master, I have tried to do, as long as the performance to do up their own bonuses can be a lot of, as the other is secondary.

we think about it, whether in the daily work of the emergence of such a mistake? In short, if you want to succeed in the operation of a supermarket franchise, as manager, more than three jobs need to be done in order to get the success of the cause.

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