Three poor thinking makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to succeed

do not know if you have found that, in fact, a lot of rich bosses have poor thinking, that is, his wealth and his thinking is not synchronized. It is not because you are rich, your mind is the rich man’s mind, nor is it because you are poor now. So, what thinking is the boss of the poor thinking?

One of the poor thinking

China in city modernization, if one dares to invest in real estate, even borrowed money in real estate, a gamble, I believe that these people will become rich. The key point is that you do not have such a vision, such thinking and courage.   just as many companies, the boss always want to use the cheap money to ask a few cheap, but he wouldn’t want to dare to double to please a strong and very high loyalty hotshots, this is the boss of the thinking of the poor.

Regardless of how much

so, to find the human resources manager to discuss a scheme that the assessment should be re set, so the company introduced a new evaluation scheme, change assessment for the assessment of sales profits. Of course, after the change of course assessment scheme to the whole sales team boss, the boss after watching programs like the ball, listless! The boss problems such bad faith in where? But also because of the number of subordinates to calculate how much this poor thinking. A successful boss told me to say a few words, he said the secret of his success is never jealous of others how much, as long as their own money on the line. The phrase!

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