Open shop is easy to cause the baby down the right factors

did a lot of hard work, not easy to let the baby has a good ranking, however, after a night, but was down right, which makes a lot of people suffering. Sometimes, sellers are often subject to such a problem, in the order, it is clear that some of the products of each factor scores are very high, but it is ranked on the back, and sometimes even be filtered out directly, which is why? At the moment, you have to be eye-catching, this is likely to be your goods are Taobao right down. So, for the baby, the most likely to cause the right to drop what factors?

drop weight factor: search down

in the search rankings, there is a punishment called right down. Even if your baby is found in the search results, but you will find the ranking must be very backward, and even in the sales order is directly filtered out. If you follow the sales order, you can not find the baby, it shows that your baby is likely to be down right.

generally, there are many reasons for the right to fall, you can think so, basically all non-standard operations, will be down right. Such as: credit speculation, false trading, deliberately put in the wrong category, repeat, repeat distribution, shop goods, false advertising, keyword stuffing postage, no goods belong to the category of cheating hanging. For these violations, the punishment given by Taobao is not the same, the longest is from the last time the non-standard operation began to calculate, about 30 days to end.

In addition to

, there is a joint punishment of the right to drop. If Taobao is found is identified as cheating goods too much in your entire store, then the store (Taobao brand) have effect on the goods, basically all of your products will be right down.

power down factor two: poor correlation

on the issue of relativity, technology has a more complex way of calculating the correlation. In simple terms, is the baby and search keywords are related. However, the relevant and irrelevant is not absolute. For example, when you search for "men’s casual pants (Taobao slacks hot)", the most relevant is the "men’s casual pants (Taobao hot pants)" goods, the second will be "men’s casual pants (Taobao hot pants)" Korean "and" Shi Shangnan (Taobao casual casual pants the Korean version of "hot pants and other goods).

What are the factors associated with

? Relevance is the correlation between the key word and title, so how to describe the title on the one hand will affect the correlation, on the other hand will affect the user experience. If the title stack a pile of keywords, but also will be down right, therefore, the seller may have to pay attention to.

power down factor three: unsalable goods

in addition to the above said

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