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Varun’s Gas Carriers Sold for Scrap

first_imgThe six liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers owned by the insolvent Varun Shipping have been sold for demolition in the second auction round.The sale was finalized last week, according to cash buyer GMS, and the ships fetched a price of USD 361 per lightweight tonne (ltd).The very large gas carrier (VLGC) Maharshi Bhardwaj was auctioned off on an ‘as is’ basis for delivery to Kochin, while the rest of the smaller LPG carriers were all sold on an en bloc ‘as is’ basis at Kandla.These include Maharshi Devatreya, Maharshi Krishna Treya, Maharshi Bhavatreya,  Maharshi Shubhatreya and Maharshi Mahatreya.The sale was ordered by Bombay High Court on the grounds of a lawsuit launched by Darya Shipping, which was entrusted with the management of the six ships by the Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP) and the Committee of Creditors (CoC), after Varun filed for insolvency.Namely, IRP and CoC failed to provide Darya Shipping with financial means for the maintenance of ships, along with the basic provisions for dozens of seafarers manning the LPG carriers and their salaries since December 2017.Due to improper maintenance, the LPG carriers were dubbed “time bombs” as they posed a danger of exploding, risking the lives of the seafarers as well as the marine environment.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

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10 ways to revamp your marriage

first_imgLifestyleRelationships 10 ways to revamp your marriage by: – June 13, 2014 Sharing is caring! Share Share 119 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet Share Do you find yourself drifting further and further away from your spouse? It’s not too late to save your marriage. Make a game plan to reconnect with your partner and rejuvenate your relationship. Check out these 10 ways to revamp your marriage.START DATING EACH OTHER AGAINwhen you say your vows, the dating shouldn’t stop. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and pressure, forgetting about cherished “couple time.” Make a date with your husband and put it on your appointment calendar. Treat it with the same respect as any other important appointment — don’t cancel it.KEEP GROWING AS A PERSONMarriage doesn’t replace personal growth. In fact, it should enhance it. Maintain your own interests and don’t be afraid to pursue activities without your spouse from time to time. Keep yourself balanced between being your own person and being a great partner.LOSE YOUR EGOYour ego can get in the way of a successful marriage and meaningful communication. Even if you disagree with your spouse about a specific issue, communicate with respect, listen with an open mind and be prepared to compromise. If you feel yourself getting angry and unable to communicate effectively, take a short break to calm down and gather your thoughts and emotions. You don’t ever want to say something you’ll regret.IDENTIFY YOUR STRESSORSAre you and your husband always arguing? Identify the true stressors in your relationship. Maybe it’s not the fact that he watches football all day on Sunday that’s bothering you, but rather your accumulating debt or financial concerns. “Aim your guns in the right place,” Dr Phil advises. “Once you have identified the issues, work together to find viable solutions.”DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTBefore you dub your relationship as boring and beyond repair, realize that you may just be in a rut. If you and your spouse are always doing the same thing, day after day and week after week, mix things up a bit. Sign up for a class together, explore new attractions, restaurants and venues, and try something new in the bedroom.TURN OFF THE COMPUTERCouples that drift apart often don’t spend enough time together. If you work long hours, you may just come home, eat dinner, relax a bit, then head to bed. But believe it or not, you can find more time to spend with your partner. Identify your timewasters that take you away from your spouse. One of the biggest issues can be mindless computer time, where you just surf the web. Turn off your computer, TV and cell phone in the evening and learn how to enjoy each other’s company again.STOP OVERSCHEDULINGKids and parents alike are overscheduled and overbooked these days. If you find there are truly not enough hours in the day to reconnect with your spouse, then you have to do something about it. Learn how to say “no.” You don’t have to volunteer for every cause, sign your kids up for every activity and attend every neighborhood function. Figure out the events and activities that are important to you and concentrate on those, freeing up extra time for both you and your spouse.DON’T HOLD A GRUDGETalk about what’s bothering you in a rational way. Ask clearly for what you want, and let your partner know why it’s important to you. If you can’t find a way to agree, go for a counseling session. Resentment will destroy your marriage — for the price of one session, before the problem gets too large, you can save it.SHOW YOUR APPRECIATIONLet your partner know you appreciate what he or she does, personality traits (i.e., his sense of humor, her generosity, his practicality, her hard work) and companionship. The more you praise what you like, the more you’ll get of it. We all want to be appreciated. Celebration + appreciation = motivation.MAKE TIME FOR INTIMACYRegard your face-to-face time as sacred (it is — it will bless your marriage). Take time to listen to each other. Touch as often as possible. Put your hand on your spouse’s leg while driving; give him or her a little squeeze now and then, hug and kiss each other. Create a cuddling space — in front of the television, on the porch swing, in your bedroom — and use it.Sheknows.comlast_img read more

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RB Police Seek Suspect In Sexual Assault

first_imgRED BANK – Borough police are searching for Braulio Zeteno-Tiro, a 29-year-old borough resident who is wanted in connection with a sexual assault on an adult female that took place in the early morning hours of Dec. 3rdat a residence on West Westside Ave.According to police, Zenteno-Tiro knew the victim of the assault.The suspect is described as a Latino male, 200-220 pounds, with a stocky build, an olive complexion and short black hair.Police are asking anyone with information regarding Zenteno-Tiro’s whereabouts to contact Det. Juan Sardo at (732) 530-2700. Information may also be called in anonymously to the department’s tip line at (732) 450-9704.last_img read more

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For Family Promise of Monmouth County, Home is Where the Heart…

first_imgDespite her job at the Goddard School in West Long Branch, Hooten lacked the financial resources to afford an apartment for herself and her children. For the board members, staff members, legislators, volunteers and donors who worked to make it happen, this was a moment to celebrate: A day to cut the ribbon on a reality that began as a dream – the dream of having a stable home for the agency whose mission is to help homeless families find stable homes of their own. OCEANPORT – The red brick building at 501 Malterer Ave. was as crowded as a holiday party last Friday as supporters of Family Promise of Monmouth County gathered to celebrate the official opening of the agency’s day center for homeless families on a site formerly part of Fort Monmouth. FPMC, an affiliate of thenational Family Promiseorganization, paid FMERA$1 for a 99-year lease on the2,800-square-foot buildingand 2-acre site. The nonprofit investedapproximately $125,000 torenovate and improve thebuilding for its new mission. Anthony and Tatiana Rivera were among that number in 2018, when their mother, Suheil Hooten, found herselfwithout a home following theend of her marriage. The nonprofit is one of three social service agencies supporting the homeless that was granted the right to occupy a building at the former Fort Monmouth by the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority (FMERA). The day center includesa comfortable living room,a fully stocked playroom,locker space where familiescan store their belongings,two showers, a kitchen, alaundry room and officespace for the agency’s threefull-time employees. Behind success stories like Hooten’s is a corps of volunteers from area religious congregations who work together to provide shelter, food and a constellation of services that support FPMC families as they tackle the obstacles that stand between them and stability. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Monmouth County is the fifth wealthiest of New Jersey’s 21 counties, with an annual median family income of over $100,000. Nevertheless, some 200 children in this county become homeless every year. Those employees are supported by an estimated 1,200 volunteers from area Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faith communities who do everything from making sandwiches to wielding sledgehammers. By Eileen Moon “It was very hard as a single mom with two kids to have to give up and say, ‘What am I going to do?’ ” she said. Fortunately, she found Family Promise. “They put a roof over my head. Me and my children had a safe haven. They provided all our meals. That gave me an opportunity to save every penny that I had. It was just amazing. They really provided time for me to do what I needed to do.” Today, Hooten and her two children have a three-bedroom apartment in Freehold that she was able to afford with the help of FPMC’s savings match program that doubled the money she set aside from her paycheck to cover the cost of a security deposit. “We’ve been working ongetting into this buildingsince 2008,” said FPMCboard vice president MikeMeriton. “The great ironyof this is that our missionis to help families in needget a permanent home andwe didn’t have a permanenthome ourselves.” “We are a small team but we are a dedicated army,” said FPMC executive director Christine Love. “Everything that you see in this building, we did with blood, sweat and tears.” “I was homeless as a child, but I was also homeless as an adult,” Love told the gathering Friday. Despite those struggles, she eventually graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in social work, followed by a master’s in business administration. “It doesn’t matter where you stop,” she said. “It matters that you keep going.”last_img read more

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NMHA player nominates coach in ‘Why My Coach Rocks’ contest

first_imgRhett Hamilton likes playing hockey.The 10-year-old Nelson Minor Hockey player realizes a major reason why he likes playing Canada’s national pastime is because of his coach, Greg Andrusak.So Hamilton decided to tell anyone who would listen of his gratitude by entering his coach into the BC Hockey “Why My Coach Rocks” contest.“(Greg) has been my coach for the past six years, both during the minor hockey season and also during the spring season,” Hamilton wrote in his contest entry.“I think he rocks because he pushes our team and I to do our very best. We work hard and have fun . . . we would not be a great team without him.”Andrusak was one of the weekly contest winners along with Rick Carter of Kamloops and Alexandra Luggi of Fort St. James. Hamilton believes thanks to Andrusak’s coaching, Nelson has been able to claim West Kootenay titles in Atom Division the past two years.“(Greg) takes time away from his family to coach us and make us all better hockey players,” Hamilton writes.“He runs the best drills around town.”“They are challenging but fun. In our initiation year, we skated and skated and skated some more, but now we are all fantastic skaters because of Coach Andrusak,” Hamilton adds.“He is funny, kind and is a fantastic hockey player. He used to play in the NHL. I have been very lucky to have him as my coach.”Both Hamilton and Andrusak are now recipients of a BC Hockey Swag Bag.The Pittsburgh Penguins selected Andrusak in the fifth round of the 1988 NHL draft after a college career at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.He spent most of his professional career in the International Hockey League and overseas in Europe.Andrusak played a few games in the NHL with Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh.last_img read more

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