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Capcom explains Mercenaries 3D permanent saves as a design feature

first_imgCapcom has got itself into a bit of a mess this week after it came to light that all copies of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D would ship with a permanent save system. That means as soon as you start playing and unlocking content in the game, it will forever be available and your progress can’t be wiped.We were all guessing as to the reason why Capcom had decided to do this, with the most logical one being to deter gamers from trading in the game. That would certainly cut down on sales of used copies, and that looks to have been the outcome of that decision. EB Games of Australia has already recalled the game and won’t sell it, other retailers are deciding to do the same or questioning Capcom on why they did this.Now, finally, Capcom has decided to offer up some official answers on the matter. Posting on the Capcom-Unity website the Japanese publisher explained that there was no plan to stop used sales, it was purely a design decision on their part during development.The game has apparently been designed like an arcade game where you unlock a number of different items, be it characters, levels, etc. and they remain unlocked forever. Capcom also see it as a game with a lot of replayability value. That’s the entire explanation. Why this unlocking and replayability can’t be done as a non-permanent save game is beyond us, and we have to wonder why Capcom seems to be the only company designing their games to work in this way?The feedback to this post on Capcom-Unity has been mixed, but there are a lot of negative comments in there. Regardless of why Capcom decided to do this, it has forced some retailers to pull the game from sale, and a lot of gamers have canceled pre-orders or will be waiting for the title to hit the bargain bins before picking it up.I doubt this is a save system Capcom will be implementing again in future 3DS games.via Capcom-Unitylast_img read more

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