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Compared Mercedes EQC IPace Tesla Model X Audi etron BMW iX3

Even though it’s a bigger car and might not strictly fall under it, the segment is currently controlled by the impressive Tesla Model X. However, with the advent of some new competition from some old carmakers, it makes sense to do a short comparison between these. After all, they are all similarly high priced exert high levels of performance and fall into the luxury utility category.Below, you will find a chart showcasing all the specifications for these direct competitors. Mind you, the Audi e-tron data is collected from the bits and pieces revealed either through official company statements or simply by quoting the upper echelon people from the German car maker. You’ll also notice the absence of the BMW iX3 in the specifications sheet. That we understand and we will update the chart with the BMW iX3 data once it becomes available. 46 photos Source: Electric Vehicle News 26 photos Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 9, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News MSRP$TBA$70,495$79,500$95,000 (German Pricing) 29 photos Top speed (mph)112 mph124 mph130 mph124.3 Battery capacity80 kWh90 kWh75 kWh95 kWh All-electric range279 miles (NEDC cycle)240 miles – EPA Est247 miles249 miles (WLTP) Audi e-Tron With similar power, performance and range, these present a rather interesting dilemma for most would-be electric SUV/Crossover buyers. All of these come with dual motors. In several categories, you’ll note that the differences are so close it’s like splitting hairs. And, of course, if you’ve got the extra cash and want to spring for a higher level Model X, then that vehicle will outperform all of the others listed, but it’s unfair to include the far more expensive versions of the X here.Count in the vast Supercharger network and the advanced Autopilot, and it’s hard to beat all the positive aspects of the Tesla Model X, but perhaps it’s styling isn’t to your liking. That’s fine, as there will soon be lots of other highly capable options in the luxury utility segment. And choices are always a welcome addition to the world of electric cars.It may not be long before some different or more powerful and range-happy versions of these three (four if you include the BMW iX3) competitors, take the Model X down from the throne. Clearly, the German onslaught is brewing and we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the upcoming models from the Big German Three actually shuffle things around fully. It’s bound to happen, the only question is when?Tesla Model X Height63.9”61.3”66”60.6″ Wheelbase113.1”117.7”116.7”114.6″ Curb weight (lbs)TBA4,784 lbs.5,307 lbs.TBA Drive configurationAWDAWDAWDAWD The Germans are coming for Tesla, and it may not be long before a hard-fought battle begins.The Mercedes-Benz EQ line is finally brought to life thanks to the reveal of the fully-electric EQC crossover. The segment, although in its early stages of life, promises big things for every car maker. Some of the competitors for the EQC are the newly revealed Jaguar I-Pace, the Audi e-tron and the upcoming BMW iX3. Certainly, none other than the Jaguar have actually been released to the customers, but all of these vehicles are supposed to enter production and arrive on the market in the next 24 months or less.Learn more about these electric vehicles 0-60 mph4.9 sec. (est.)4.5 sec.4.9 sec.5.9 seconds Efficiency Matters And That’s Where The Jaguar I-Pace Falters Mercedes-Benz EQC 400Jaguar I-PaceTesla Model X 75DAudi e-tron BMW iX3 Order Books Now Open: Deposit Puts You In Line Audi To Revive R8 E-Tron As 1,000-Hp Electric Monster? Performance402 hp, 564 lb-ft394 hp, 512 lb-ft328 hp, 387 lb-ft355 hp, 414 lb-ft MotorDual motorsDual motorsDual motorsDual Motors BMW iX3 Jaguar I-Pace 11 photos Mercedes EQC 15 photos Width82.5”84.2”81.5”76″ Length187.4”184.3”198.3”192.1″ read more

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