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Diego Costa, Lemar and Thomas determine the future of Atlético

first_imgAnother player important for what may happen in the future is Lemar. The Frenchman has hardly contributed anything this season, although Simeone has always said that he has a lot faith in him. But Lemar does not take off and Atlético will sell him this summer. With a contract until June 2023, Atlético will have to sign a soccer player what hitch between midfield and strikers. Lemar has played 24 matches, has not scored any goals and has not distributed any assistance. The Manchester United seems willing to take over their services and put a good money on the table. Atlético will need it to face possible signings. Right now nobody sees Lemar in the next team. Thomas, Lemar Y Diego Costa condition the Athletic 2020-21. The future of these three footballers is key to making of the rojiblanco team of the next campaign. The intention of the Madrid club is that the go on for more years first in the entity and last two could leave Atlético. The most significant case is that of Thomas. The midfielder has taken a fixed site in the Madrid team and with 26 years nobody disputes the position. Atlético made him several months ago offer renewal who has not yet signed and will have to see what happens in the coming weeks. Thomas has a 50 million clause and in the Premier It has a great poster. Have contract until 2023 and in England they await you with open arms. If Thomas leaves the team, Atlético will have to sign a midfielder, although the idea is that Llorente is catching little by little more weight in the team. Llorente has responded when Simeone has needed him and in Atlético next year he will have more prominence. Thomas is from the who has played the most at Atlético. Has disputed 35 games, with three goals and an assistance. His progression has been very important and at the club they think he has not reached a ceiling. The third footballer in question is Costawhose futuro also seems far of the entity of the Metropolitan. At 31 years old, the forward has contract until June 2021In other words, one more campaign remains. If he Athletic want to get some money for him he has to sell you this summer. The problem is that Costa no longer has the poster from before. The Atlético forward tries to recover from the cervical hernia he underwent surgery. He has played 19 matches this campaign, with two goals and three assists. Figures that do not fit a quality striker.last_img read more

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