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PS Vita OLED and LCD screens compared in video

first_imgThe main question you have to ask when considering the new PS Vita is, “How good or bad is that new LCD screen?” So far we’ve seen the old OLED model next to the new LCD model in a photograph, and the LCD didn’t look great. But then a video appeared of the second-generation PS Vita and the LCD actually looked great. Now we have the ultimate test: the OLED and LCD versions compared on video.The video below has the PS Vita OLED and PS Vita LCD screens side-by-side showing the exact same footage. The white Vita is the OLED model, with the black being the new LCD-toting PCH-2000.I don’t think you could get a better comparison than this, and the footage clearly shows the OLED as a better screen. The colors are much more vibrant and the image seems somewhat crisper. Also surprising is what looks to be relatively poor viewing angles on the LCD late on in the video, where as the OLED can still be viewed clearly even at quite severe angles. As for the display settings on the new Vita, according to the comments posted with the video you can only change the screen brightness.Saying that though, the LCD isn’t a bad screen and if you didn’t have the OLED version sat next to it you probably wouldn’t have any complaints. The PCH-2000 also offers a number of other advantages including that extra hour of battery life, 1GB on-board memory, and it’s also lighter and thinner.This video should be all you need other than handling both units before you decide which one to buy. Yes, the OLED model has the better display, but is it worth picking up just for that, or do the other benefits of the LCD model make it the better option? Until watching that video I was set on getting the LCD version, but admit I’m a bit unsure again now.last_img read more

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