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Johansen: “The first few nights I felt like there was a war”

first_imgLine Johansen arrived this summer at EDF Logroño looking for a new experience far from his native Denmark. What the Danish international did not know is that the coronavirus crisis would leave her locked up in her home in La Rioja for more than a month. Without her family, friends or soccer, which brought her to Spain, the goalkeeper has been writing a newspaper about her confinement with the Ghanaian Grace Asantewaa and a Spanish physiotherapist. The guards told the Danish players union Spillerforeningen about their experience and Fifpro echoed his words: “I will never forget one of the first nights. It was raining and all you could hear were the police cars driving through the streets telling people over the speakers to stay inside. It felt like there was a war going on.” , related the Danish.“It seems like a bad movie. A surreal movie. I walk all day inside my flat and feel like I’m in a bubble. It’s hard to understand that so many terrible things are happening outside.” sentenced. The caretaker acknowledged that living with two partners helps: “If I had been living alone … Just the idea of ​​not having any social contact.” “It can be a little difficult to live a football life. I moved to a new country with a new language completely alone.” He explained why the support of his roommates has been very important: “It’s not that my housemates and I did a lot of things together every day, but we exercise once a day and it gives a little extra energy. We talk, we train and we laugh together. I’m really grateful for that.” A few important workouts to keep fit: “I’ve been doing power circuits, stair treads and races in the garage basement.”For Johansen, physical exercise is more than just being fit, it is therapy: “Training also has another function for me. That has been the case for the past few years. It is like a valve to me. If I’m frustrated or sad, I can train and feel much better afterward. “ His diary and fear of going outThe goalkeeper of EDF Logroño writes a newspaper about her experience: “It is about being better living in the present. I don’t want to say that they are all happy days and that you should always be positive because life is not like that. But this diary is something I’ve been trying since spring because I may have a tendency to focus on the negative. “ he explained. And he stressed the importance of those writings: “In fact, I think this journal means more than I am aware of.” A health crisis that has made him reflect and change: “The things I’m thankful for now are different than before the coronavirus. Some days, it’s tasty strawberries or sunshine on the balcony. Other days, it’s the biggest and most existential things. Every day, I write that I am grateful for the good health of my friends and family. “Line has not come out too much since the crisis began, although his starting idea was different: “At first, I thought it was great that we could go to the supermarket because I could at least get fresh air every day. But I’ve only been to the supermarket six or seven times. I don’t feel like going outside.”. In her bunker she feels safer: “Here, inside my flat, is the place where I feel safest. It’s okay to be here in my bubble.” He also talked about football and the return of the championship: “Our Copa de la Reina semifinal against Athletic was postponed due to the coronavirus. We hope to continue playing that important game, but there are still no instructions for us to return to training. ““To be honest, I’m amazed at my mental strength. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but actually I am. There are so many reasons to sit down and surrender, but this is not how I have addressed it, “stated the EDF Logroño’s guards. Johansen knows that there is still left and the road is not being easy: “Some days are tough. But it’s about finding motivation in what you do.”last_img read more

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