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Accountant, Senior, Budgets & Construction

first_imgThe jobholder performs highly complex professional accounting tasks related to the business office functions to ensure accuracy and compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. They will compile, maintain, and reconcile college budgets for all fund sources including capital/construction budgets. They will prepare financial reports including interim and annual financial statements for the college. This jobholder will reconcile account subsidiary ledgers to the general ledger, conduct internal audits, and report to external agencies. They will also handle the accounting and reporting for construction/construction-related activities including verification of capital encumbrances and maintaining budget summaries for active projects. The jobholder will also work with Construction and Facilities Offices in the performance of these duties.Education Required: – Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or related field from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution.Experience Required: – 5 years of professional experience in accounting and financial operations including at least 1 year of experience analyzing the impact of legislation or regulations and establishing and implementing operational compliance proceduresExperience Preferred: – Experience with Datawatch Monarchhttp://gtcc.peopleadmin.com/postings/3051last_img read more

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first_imgBirdwatch Ireland has revealed that Donegal was the first stop-off point for a unique winter visiter to Ireland.Waxwings stopped off on Tory IslandA group of 25 Waxwing birds were spotted on Tory Island on October 29th, sparking a surge of sightings of the Scandinavian birds.This winter has been exceptional for the number of Waxwings reported throughout the country. By the end of November, Waxwings had been seen in all counties, with flocks of more than 50 birds noted in Antrim, Dublin and Wicklow.To date, the highest count was of at least 400 Waxwings seen roosting in Lucan, Co. Dublin in mid-December.Because the birds usually live in the wild woods of remote of Siberia and Alaska as well as Scandinavia, it is probably the first time they have encountered people.Birdwatch Ireland has ased any Donegal readers who may have spotted the stunning  birds, who feed on berries in the winter, to contact them. DONEGAL IS THE FIRST STOPPING-OFF POINT FOR UNIQUE WINGED VISITER was last modified: December 20th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ScandinaviaTory IslandWaxwingslast_img read more


SA vendors prepare for World Cup

first_imgInformal traders such as these are gearing up to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the 2010 Fifa World Cup. (Image: Jeffrey Barbee, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. For more free photos, visit the image library.)Informal traders are learning foreign languages in preparation for the thousands of visitors from all over the world expected during this year’s Fifa spectacular.Thulani Mabhena arrives early to secure his spot and start laying out his merchandise outside the Hector Peterson Museum, in Orlando West, Soweto South Africa’s biggest township. “Bonjour ma soeur [Hello my sister],” he says to a lady passing by rushing to catch a taxi to work. “Bonjour Thulas [Hello Thulas],” said the woman. “Comment allez-vous ma soeur? [How are you my sister?],” replies Mabena with a bright smile.Mabhena, or Thulas as he is affectionately known, has been practising French for the past four weeks. “I’m getting really good at the language now. By the time the foreign visitors arrive here for the World Cup in June I’ll be brilliant. This will make them feel welcome, and hopefully they will purchase a few items amidst all the excitement,” he said.Thulas uses a French book he got from a friend to learn French. He focuses on learning basic phrases, such as greetings, and simple terms to explain and negotiate prices and make sales. “I mainly started learning French because I realise how popular Soweto is, particularly this historical area. Many tourists come here all year round. I suspect during the World Cup there will be even more tours to this area.”The museum is on Khumalo Street and is a commemoration of the 16 June 1976 Soweto Uprising. Thousands of students took to the streets to protest against being taught in Afrikaans at schools, as dictated by the Afrikaans medium decree. Hector Peterson was one of the hundreds of children who were killed when police responded to the protestors with teargas and live bullets.The historic museum is a short distance from where police opened fire on students. It takes visitors on a journey through the build-up to the youth rebellion, the events of the day and its tragic end result.Tourists visit Soweto all year round, taking tours to historic sites such as the Hector Peterson Museum. This makes it a hot spot for vendors selling South African arts and crafts, and other memorabilia.Thulas sells handmade, beaded leather shoes, shirts, hats, wooden bangles, wooden wine glasses, handmade painted tablecloths, calabashes, small sculptures of elephants and rhinos, key holders, and other craft painted with South African flag colours.“I’m not the only person selling here as you can see. I want to put myself a step ahead of the pack. The other vendors here can’t speak French. Who do you think the tourist will want to buy from – the guy speaking a language they can’t understand, or the one that speaks their language?”Serving SA on a hot plateAbout 10 Kilometres east of the museum lies Soccer City the largest stadium in Africa and the flagship venue for the Soccer World Cup 2010. The stadium can seat 80 000 people and will be hosting both the opening match and the final.Ntabiseng Molefe is cooking up a storm with her friend Lufuno Mgomane. They dance and sing along to traditional Mozambican music coming from a small CD player. “Bom dia Senhor [Good morning Sir],” they say in unison as a gentlemen approaches them to enquire about the price for one plate of food. The gentlemen speaks to them in Portuguese and they reply in Portuguese, checking their notebooks every now and then to make sure they get each phrase right.They make a successful sale and break into uncontrollable laughter from excitement as the man walks off with his plate of steamy tripe and pap (Afrikaans for stiff porridge) singing and bopping his head to the sounds of the Mozambican music in the background. “We did it amigo [friend],” said Molefe.Mgomane and Molefe have been learning Portuguese from their neighbours and construction workers working in the area who come from Mozambique. “We sell food here which is just a few kilometres from the stadium. Tourists will pass us here on the way to the stadium. They will smell our lovely South African food and want to taste it. Then we will charm them with our Portuguese. We’ll be selling endless plates.”The two ladies say they chose Portuguese because they believe it’s more universal in ‘football world.’ “The Brazilians are the most popular team and the Spanish team and they can both speak and understand it. Many African countries speak it too. In football world I think most people can speak or understand some Portuguese,” said Mgomane.Molefe says they are keen to be part of the big event and want to interact with the tourists, football fans and players. By learning the language, they believe they are giving themselves a good chance in business and in enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. “I’m sure the players will also drive past here touring or on the way to the stadium for games. They will hear the music and us speaking their language. I’m sure they will give us their autographs and say hello,” she said.“Tourists might also get lost on the way to the stadium and they always ask the people on the streets for directions. Imagine how welcome and safe they will feel when we respond to them in their own language. The music helps to create a vibe too and draw people’s attention. It will make tourists stop and dance for a while, the smell will catch them, and we will make big sales. ”Mgomane agrees. “We are determined to sell this country of ours. With every sale we make we will serve South Africa to the tourists. They will remember the warmth of the pap, and the people of this country.”Vendors key to tourism attractionThe Durban police station has set up classrooms where vendors can learn French. A young woman who recently finished her French degree has been giving classes to vendors who work along the beachfront where most of the city’s top hotels are located.The classes have been going on for the past two months, and take place three times a week.Durban will host seven World Cup matches and expects 100 000 visitors during the tournament. The city wants to ensure that vendors benefit from the influx of visitors.The vendors will not be allowed in areas managed by Fifa, including the stadiums, where only official World Cup partners such as Coca-cola and Budweiser are allowed to sell their products.To insure the traders are still able to benefit from the event, three new markets are being built to house 500 stalls along the beachfront.“Informal traders are a key tourism attraction,” said Vumi Mchunu, the city’s coastal areas manager“It is important for them to know other languages in order to interact with their customers clearly during the World Cup,” she said.Though many vendors in South Africa have little education, some battling to speak English one of the country’s official languages. They are enthusiastic about learning a new language, hoping it can boost their growth and their small business.last_img read more

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Brand New COPPA Amendments Are Already Behind The Times

first_imgThe Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement brian proffitt Tags:#privacy As innovation moves into the future at warp speed, the U.S. government has struggled  to keep its own rules and regulations up to date with current technology. So when Congress and the Federal Trade Commission set out to do just that with a landmark children’s online privacy law, it’s no surprise that they may have fallen short of the mark. Already.At issue is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, known as COPPA, a law that requires websites that specifically cater to children to obtain parental consent before gathering personal information about the kids. Until the new proposed amendments were announced on Wednesday, COPPA did not take into account new technologies like social networks and mobile apps that children might be using. The new amendments still need to be signed into law, but they’re finalized as far as the FTC is concerned.Insert Loopholes HereThis was not an easy revision, and indeed, the final proposed amendments to COPPA reflect a lot of compromises. For example, while individual apps will still be responsible for obtaining parental consent, Google and Apple will be off the hook for hosting and selling such apps in their respective app stores.Facebook also avoided regulations that would have restricted under-13 users from joining the site. The amendment’s language specifies that no consent is needed if acquired data is used only “for the sole purpose of supporting the website or online service’s internal operations, such as contextual advertising, frequency capping, legal compliance, site analysis, and network communications.”Since this advertising can be contextual, and not behavioral, in nature, it clears the way for Facebook and other networks to bring in younger members, because adhering to COPPA rules is a whole lot easier.The big players got what they lobbied for, which might make a lot of parents nervous for that reason alone. By dancing around the intent of online privacy for children, major software companies have washed their hands of real responsibility when dealing with young online visitors. Their motto seems to be: Leave it to the third-party vendors to comply.And under the new rules, it will be the third-party vendors who will have to figure out what needs to be done and how to do it. When information like geo-location and behavior has to have consent, it puts a serious burden on those vendors. Don’t look to the FTC, which will enforce these new rules, for much guidance either. In Wednesday’s press conference, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz all but said that it would be up to the technology sector to figure out how to make compliance work.“That’s like telling someone to jump off a cliff and having them build a parachute on the way down,” chided Morgan Reed, Executive Director for the Association for Competitive Technology.Control Versus ConsentReed acknowledged that Congress, the FTC and all the industry players in this discussion, including the smaller software companies his organization represents, are doing their best to protect children. But he clearly sees some shortcomings with the new set of rules, particularly when it comes to smaller software development shops.Many times app developers may not even realize they may be subject to the new COPPA rules. Even the simple collection of analytics could fall within the new guidelines, putting developers at risk of breaking the rules if they aren’t paying attention.“A lot of these developers feel like they’re not violating privacy rules, but by actual design, they may be,” Reed said.There is also the problem of the new COPPA rules already being behind the times. Many of the new regulations, which are focused on parental consent, completely miss the fact that many mobile platforms already have granulated controls that can enable parents to manage their child’s privacy beyond the level of the COPAA amendments.Controls such as location blocking and privacy management accomplish the same goals as the COPPA rules, Reed explained, thus outdating COPPA’s scope. Even the language of COPPA itself is dated, calling for parent consent notification procedures that use what could be considered archaic technology, including fax transmissions.“We need to make sure what is already happening with mobile technology will count under these rules,” Reed said. “We need to put this new technology on a par with the fax machine.”Image courtesy of Shutterstock.center_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts last_img read more

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US Earns 1st Soccer Win In Mexico in 75

Goalie Tim Howard was brilliant.There are streaks and then there is what the U.S. men’s soccer team faced with Mexico. It seems absurd to believe that the Americans could go 75 years without winning a game in Mexico. Seventy-five years.Finally, however, with a 1-0 victory Tuesday night, the U.S. ended the ridiculously protracted streak.In an ironic twice, the game’s only goal, scored in the 80th minute, was by Michael Orozco Fiscal, a 26-year-old defender from Orange, Calif., whose parents were born in — you guessed it — Mexico.“The goal was for the U.S. fans and the whole U.S. We made history,” Orozco Fiscal said.Mexico dominated control of the game for much of the night but the Americans did not relent. Orozco Fiscal’s goal was the breakthrough they needed, and goalie Tim Howard made sprawling saves to secure the history-making win.“Just happy we won and made history,” the U.S.A’s Brek Shea said. “It’s something we haven’t done in a long time. Just to be on the roster is cool.”Shea had a role in the game’s only score. He cut inside Severo Meza on the left flank and crossed to Terrence Boyd at the top of the 6-yard box. With his back to the goal, Boyd took a touch with his left foot and with his right made a quick backheel pass to Orozco Fiscal, who with his left foot poked it from 3 yards past goalkeeper Guilleremo Ochoaand defender Jorge Torres Nilo for his first international goal.Orozco Fiscal, who plays in Mexico for San Luis, was a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic team but hasn’t established himself with the varsity.He entered in the 77th minute for his fifth international appearance and first since October. Shea, back with the team for the first time since February following a season of turmoil in Major League Soccer, came on a minute later. Boyd, a German-American who made his U.S. debut in February, had entered to start the second half. read more

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San Diego State University and the US Coast Guard establish partnership benefiting

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, San Diego State University and the U.S. Coast Guard establish partnership benefiting students and the military agency Posted: May 28, 2019 May 28, 2019 KUSI Newsroom SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego State University and the U.S. Coast Guard have announced that they established a partnership benefiting both the students and the military agency.On Tuesday, San Diego State University and the U.S. Coast Guard will finalize a partnership geared toward providing students with scholarship and research opportunities and prepare them for the workforce. The initiative also aims to increase the diversity of the agency’s military officers.During the ceremony on campus on Tuesday, May 28 at 1 p.m., SDSU President Adela de la Torre signed a memorandum of agreement with Rear Adm. Peter Gautier, commander of the Coast Guard’s 11th District. This signing will make SDSU the second school in the state of California to partner with the Coast Guard for the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative (CSPI).This initiative began in an effort to increase the participation of Historically Black College and Universities in federally sponsored programs and has expanded to all designated Minority Servicing Institutions. Central to this agreement and the CSPI are scholarships and loan forgiveness programs. These will provide selected students with full tuition for up to two academic years, loan forgiveness and Coast Guard active-duty benefits and pay.The full press conference detailing the announcement can be seen above. last_img read more

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