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Moroccan Amazigh Activist Interrogated by Police over Threats to ‘Slaughter’ Arabs

Rabat – Amazigh female activist, Malika Mazane, is currently under police investigation following a controversial video she published where she threatened to “slaughter Arabs”, according to Al Yaoum24.The Amazigh activist and made her statements when she was angrily calling for an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq, saying that the Arab there are denying them this right.“My Kurdish brothers, this time I will speak directly to those racist Arabs of Iraq”, she said. “Those who are against your right to self-determination, I tell them if your keep being opposed to the establishment of a Kurdish stat, be sure that we the indigenous people of North Africa, the Amazigh and Copts, we will chase Arabs back to their land”. She went on with her bluntly racist statement: “either you let the Kurds have their own state or we kick you out from here. Enough is enough. You have destroyed our land. We don’t want Arabs anymore in North Africa and Egypt.Things got even uglier when she presented Arabs with two options: either you let Kurds create their state or we, the Amazigh people of North Africa, we’re ready to join hands with Satan and Israel to kick you out of our land”.Threats reached a clear incitation to violence when she said “we’ll create chaos and slaughter Arabs, one after one, especially those in the Gulf”.Many Amazigh activists sympathize with Kurds as they see that both ethnicities have been long marginalized by pan-Arab regimes.Mazane had previously been at the heart of other controversies. In the past, she declared she was ready to offer her body for Kurdish soldiers fighting ISIS.Her recent statements have been widely condemned on social media as an incitement to violence. read more

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