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Married Morris dancer abused girl 12 for two years after meeting her

first_imgRoyales appeared at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown CourtCredit:Cavendish Press Afterwards they went back to his home where they kissed in the kitchen, she said.In an interview with police, the accuser said: “I remember him telling me that I looked really beautiful.”He said ‘you can’t be a virgin’ and in between these chats there was kissing. The next time was when we had sex, I remember his mum had been on holiday and he was going to pick her up from the airport. Clive Royales  Royales, then aged 30, even promised to whisk her away from the UK so they could start a new life together aboard a boat moored off a Greek island, a jury heard.The alleged victim, now a married woman in her 30s, said the pair chose Groovejet by Spiller and Sophie Ellis Bextor as “our song”.Royales bought the girl a mobile phone so they could contact each other and he saved his number in it as “Mr Floppy” in the hope no-one could identify him, it was alleged.The alleged abuse ended in 2000 after Royales left his wife Gillian for his mistress.But although the girl told loved ones, police were not called in until 2014 when the accuser was struck down by anxiety attacks and blamed them on the alleged liaisons she had years earlier with Royales, now 50. “When I told my brother he did say that he had his suspicions. I was 14 or 15 when I got with my husband and he knew I was not an innocent young girl. We got together the night they split up.”He knew something was not right because he was a bit older and he was like ‘let’s go to the pictures’ and I was like ‘no let’s have sex’.”I made up a story and told him I had a boyfriend and we split up and that’s how I knew what I did.”Simon Blakebrough, prosecuting, said: “She recalls very many occasions when both she and he had sexual intercourse.”She recalls sexual intercourse taking place on Sunday’s when Gillian went to church and in Alexandra Park in Manchester where they would have sex in his car.”She thinks they had sex as regularly as three times a week. She felt she was in love with the defendant he had promised when she was still a child that when she turned 16 they would move to Greece.”She didn’t think she was being abused at all. She’s now an adult and has had a long time to think about what went on and she now knows it was indeed very wrong. Some people keep things locked up for years and sometimes for ever.” Royales appeared at Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court “I understand that he denies anything happened but there are no grudges I hold against him. I would not make this up. I’ve come to realise that the problem is this and I’m confronting that now.”I didn’t feel like I’d been abused until recently. I tried to put it away and block it out.”The court as told the pair began meeting in 1998 when she bumped into Royales in the pavillion of a cricket club at Heyside, near Oldham whilst she was drunk on Smirnoff ice alcopops. “We used to go there and have sex in his car. Then sometimes if his wife was going out I would go over. On Sunday’s we would go to their bedroom.”He used to drop his wife off at church at about 10:15 and then he would come and pick me up. Then he would drop me off and pick her up. I was a virgin when I had sex with him the first time.”I had kissed boys at school but never had a relationship like that. We had a song, it was by Spiller and had Sophie Ellis-Bextor – that was our song.”He told me he had sex with his wife and he would tell me about it and tell me she was better and did I want her to be better? It became more frequent. I didn’t realise at the time but now I do realise. I was in love with him.”He said we would move to Greece as soon as I was 16 and live on a boat, it sounds so stupid now I feel like why would anyone believe that?”She added: “It all ended when his wife kicked him out that was June or July, it was the Big Brother final and I was working at a restaurant at time. I thought it was because of me but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel like I’d been abused until recently. I tried to put it away and block it outAlleged victim Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A Morris dancing businessman abused a 12-year-old for two years after bumping into her at a cricket pavilion, a court heard.The besotted girl lost her virginity to Clive Royales, it was alleged, and the pair went on to meet three times a week for sex, including on a Sunday after he dropped his wife and two children at church.Engineering boss Royales abused her on his desk at work and in his car after he collected her from school during the lunch break, the court was told. Clive Royales was pictured on Facebook in his Morris dancing outfit Credit:Cavendish Press The woman, who cannot be named, told Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court: “I believed we were in love, that he loved me as well as I loved him and when I was old enough we would leave together.”When he left to go and live with another woman I was scared that it was my fault that I created this and he had left his wife because of what happened between us – I felt hurt.”He made me feel special yet I was not special because I was not the only one. I still loved him.”I told his wife what happened before I went to the police and I told her I was sorry. She said it was not my fault. His wife is a strong woman – she’s a lot stronger than me. When quizzed by police, Royales, from Springhead, Oldham, denied any sexual contact with the girl.He denies three charges of indecent assault.The case continues. “I went with him and dropped them off at their house. Then we went back to where he worked and we had sex on his desk at work.”After that I remember him saying he was really nervous and if he got caught he would be in so much trouble it sounds so stupid now. I saved his number in my phone in case anyone checked as ‘Mr Floppy’.”He was telling me if anyone said anything we couldn’t tell them. We went home and then after that it was more or less all the time.”We would always have sex on a Sunday morning when his wife and children went to church and we started telling people we were going jogging.”We would go back to his house and have sex. Then he would pick me up from school at dinner. He used to park away from school. He would drive down to Alexandra Park and it was like a dirt track.last_img read more

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