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Antarctic Futures: An Assessment of Climate-Driven Changes in Ecosystem Structure, Function, and Service Provisioning in the Southern Ocean

first_imgIn this article, we analyze the impacts of climate change on Antarctic marine ecosystems. Observations demonstrate large-scale changes in the physical variables and circulation of the Southern Ocean driven by warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, and a positive Southern Annular Mode. Alterations in the physical environment are driving change through all levels of Antarctic marine food webs, which differ regionally. The distributions of key species, such as Antarctic krill, are also changing. Differential responses among predators reflect differences in species ecology. The impacts of climate change on Antarctic biodiversity will likely vary for different communities and depend on species range. Coastal communities and those of sub-Antarctic islands, especially range-restricted endemic communities, will likely suffer the greatest negative consequences of climate change. Simultaneously, ecosystem services in the Southern Ocean will likely increase. Such decoupling of ecosystem services and endemic species will require consideration in the management of human activities such as fishing in Antarctic marine ecosystems.last_img read more

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Marathoner Meb Keflezighi shares life lessons in new book

first_img Beau Lund FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailiStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Long distance runner Meb Keflezighi capped off his storied professional career last year, first finishing the Boston Marathon in April and then the New York City Marathon in November, his twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth overall.“The reason it’s 26–one for each mile,” he tells ABC News in an exclusive conversation about his new book, 26 Marathons. “And I hope to give back in the next chapter of my life.”Keflezighi devotes a chapter to each marathon, reflecting on the life lessons he took from every race. He tells ABC News some of those lessons came during losses, and even before he started racing marathons:“My first marathon, everybody goes through it, I hated it–didn’t want to partake in any of it. But I went down to humble beginnings at Eritrea and saw how people were living without electricity and running water and I guess I just went the last bit of my first marathon and put it in perspective.”Born and having spent his childhood in Eritrea, Keflezighi eventually moved to California, where he began running competitively. He says he would recall hardships from his childhood for motivation as he pushed through each grueling race.He ran on behalf of charities during his career and hopes to continue to work with youth through his MEB Foundation. With his book, he hopes to share lessons about competition and staying optimistic, and discovering the drive and will to never settle:“You can do everything right, and sometimes the chips juts don’t fall into place. I didn’t qualify for Beijing Olympics in 2008, a good friend who I ran with died of cardiac arrest, and I thought ‘am I going to make it, am I going to keep going?’ You’re not going to win every race… but it makes you look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty to just say, ‘I was top ten, I’m happy about that, maybe I can move to the podium next time.’ … next time I want to work hard and seize the opportunity to win.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. April 10, 2019 /Sports News – National Marathoner Meb Keflezighi shares life lessons in new bookcenter_img Written bylast_img read more

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Final government approval received for Austrian production asset acquisition

first_img Image: Final government approval received for Austrian production asset acquisition. Photo: Courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay. ADX Energy has received the final government approvals from the “Bundesministerium für Nachhaltigkeit und Tourismus” (BMNT) required for the transfer of RAG Production Assets to ADX pursuant to binding agreements with RAG Exploration & Production GmbH (RAG). RAG and ADX have now achieved all the conditions required to complete the acquisition of the Zistersdorf and Gaiselberg oil and gas fields located onshore in the Vienna Basin, Austria (RAG Production Assets) as well as agreements for exploration data and access arrangements to RAG’s production infrastructure in Upper Austria as announced on the 2 July 2019.The abovementioned BMNT transfer of license is the single condition precedent required for the drawdown of funds pursuant to the A$ 3.5 million Loan Notes financing for the funding of the RAG Production Assets announced by ADX on the 14October 2019.ADX Executive Chairman, Mr Ian Tchacos, said “All third-party approvals have been achieved for ADX to complete the RAG Production Acquisition and to now become a producer and the operator of production assets in Austria. Securing the license transfer for this high quality Western European production asset in a prime jurisdiction in terms of oil and gas product pricing, access to infrastructure and political stability is a transformation step up for your company.In conjunction with the transfer of the Zisterdorf and Gaiselberg fields, ADX will also secure the very valuable RAG exploration database in upper Austria surrounding RAG’s core production fields where ADX has access arrangements to RAG’s extensive oil and gas infrastructure. ADX has achieved the goal of becoming a producer and an exceptionally well positioned explorer with a ready to drill prospect inventory based on modern 3D seismic in a highly prospective producing basin, which to date has been explored by only one company.” Source: Company Press Release RAG and ADX have now achieved all the conditions required to complete the acquisition of the Zistersdorf and Gaiselberg oil and gas fields located onshore in the Vienna Basin, Austrialast_img read more

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Drama Review: Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath

first_imgWish I Had a Sylvia Plath runs at 8:00pm (additional 2:00pm performance on Saturday 27th), Pilch Theatre on Jowlett Walk through Saturday 27th October. It’s hard to imagine a static, single-act monologue being so gripping, but Wish I Had a Sylvia Plath is nothing short of a theatrical triumph. The classic ’50s housewife – loyal to her husband, caring mother and kitchen lover – Elizabeth Gray initially reveals herself to us by removing her shocked-headed head from out of her gas oven. The effect is instantly mesmerising, and rather than ruining it with continual rants about how imprisoned she feels, the play becomes an endless energetic see-saw, with scenes that involve a mock cookery TV show, conversations with her husband or games of hide-and-seek with her child (all the different characters voiced by Gray herself). Nothing about the drama is complicated. Her husband has cheated on her, she has an insufferable child, and she is intent on committing suicide. However, we instantly feel pity for her position, caught up as she is in a relationship with a writer while she herself longs to have something she writes published. Her desire is so strong that it is almost more hurtful of the husband to suggest that she does not have the skill to write than to see him cavorting with another woman. We see this action take place in a recorded black and white film, its scenes projected onto the back wall of the stage. The silent footage, which Gray vocalises in some of the scenes, helps to keep the action varied, but all the play’s exuberance comes from Gray’s performance itself. Edward Anthony’s script effectively presses all the right satirical buttons (the recipes, including one for “an ungrateful, cheating husband”, recited in a mock ’50s fashion, are cleverly construed) but it is Gray’s delivery, ebbing from uncontrolled madness to touching serenity that works to move the audience. When we see her take the final steps to her end, reciting the recipe for “a perfect suicide”, there is almost a temptation to cry, simply because this one person has had to perform (literally) so much, so quickly, only to end up suffocating, with her head stuck inside the very source of her imprisonment as a means to escape. For something original and greatly affecting, make sure you go along to see this. There’s a reason why Gray received a Best Solo Artist Award this year at the Edinburgh Festival for her month-long run. Oxford is lucky to have her ready to perform it at least a few more times – you’ll leave feeling glad to have had an Elizabeth Gray. last_img read more

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Notre Dame suspends 2020 summer study abroad programs

first_img Facebook Google+ Facebook CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Pinterest Twitter Google+ Twitter (“Notre Dame – 28” by Garden State Hiker, CC BY 2.0) The University of Notre Dame has suspended all of the 2020 summer study abroad programs.This includes all 20 of the Notre Dame International programs. No decision has been made yet about the NDI on-capmus programs.Last week, the University suspended all spring study abroad programs, and students have since returned to the United States or their home countries. All University-sponsored international travel is prohibited through April 13.Read the official statement from Notre Dame International by clicking here. WhatsApp Pinterest By Tommie Lee – March 18, 2020 0 275 Notre Dame suspends 2020 summer study abroad programs WhatsApp Previous articleOrange Cone Season arrives in Berrien County with a $10 million project on I-94Next articleSt. Joseph County Health officials report additional positive coronavirus tests Tommie Leelast_img read more

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Macpac to launch website for bakery packaging

first_imgPackaging manufacturer Macpac is set to launch a new website that will allow its customers to purchase its products online.The website will be a “one-stop shop” for box quantities of selected packaging on demand in key sectors, said the firm. It is set to go live on 28 September.Designed for easy navigation, it will provide smaller packaging quantities for customers looking for an off-the-shelf option with fast delivery.“We’ve been successfully offering our portfolio of horticultural products through a dedicated online Plantpac site for over four years, so we have a good online track record. Now, in these challenging times and with emphasis very much shifting towards online commerce, Macpac is broadening that shop front,” said a Macpac spokesperson.Initially, bakery packaging and general food trays will be added to its Horticulture range, but Macpac said it will expand its portfolio in the coming months with new market sectors.Macpac will continue to supply larger quantities for companies who require bulk deliveries by pallets, as well as a personalised bespoke packaging service for businesses seeking a more customised approach, it added.last_img read more

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Widespread Panic Presents Three Glorious Sets & The Long Awaited Return Of “The Waker” For NYE In ATL

first_imgMany songs that the band covers come from this time when Panic joined forces with Vic Chestnutt to form brute including “Blight”, “Protein / Sewing”, “Let’s Get Down to Business”, “Expiration Date”, and (recently) “Puppy Sleeps”. However, this is the first time that Widespread has ever played “Bastards in Bubbles” live. As is the style of many of Vic Chestnutt’s tunes, the song begins cautiously and slowly before breaking down the gates of hell on a fiendishly wild romp around Satan’s yard.  The intensity seeped into a bass-heavy “Sewing Machine” closing the night and leaving no man standing except for the small, minority of souls that still stand transfixed, shocked to paralysis after hearing the return of “The Waker”.  – ‘Bastards In Bubbles’ FTP (Brute) Miss you, Vic ^ JB on mandolin The boys wasted no time upon return by absolutely demolishing a sizzlin’ “Thought Sausage” with the acoustic instruments laid by the wayside.  Jimmy Herring and Schools meant business with Herring distorted guitar licks creating echoes within the fabrics of the universe.  John Bell remained focused and delivered his wicked gumbo raps with hungry precision. The bass kept thumpin’ with the help of Sonny Ortiz’s whirlwind percussion hands and JoJo’s synthesizer to nail J.J. Cale’s “Travellin’ Light” before returning to the band’s repertoire with a shining “Pleas.” John Bell, sounding like a desperate man with nothing left to lose, implored the crowd in sincere solidarity to “Don’t let it get too sad / Don’t let it get too dark”.  “Bastards in Bubbles”[Video: MrTopDogger] As most of the audience tried to collect themselves and their shattered world-views, the Panics transitioned into another beloved classic “Arleen” with its distinctive bass lines and unpredictable vocal raps that was modified heavily from Winston Riley’s reggae version. John Bell and Dave Schools went berserk, opting for a very untraditional opening, with playful back and forth banter and shouts. The boys were having fun messing around, and it soon became clear that they had no intention of getting to the first verse.  The bond between these musical masterminds was truly felt by their improvised jamming as if they were sitting in a nondescript garage back in 1986.  John Bell commanded “Stop!” as the music faded out. The drummers, Sonny and Duane Trucks, led the masters of their craft back into the fluidity of sound with a raucous “Pigeons”, complete with psychedelic breakdowns, soaring guitar riffs, and unearthly shrieks. Jojo’s piano introduced a transforming “Greta.” During this song, JoJo transformed the audience into “a pack of rabid dogs” with his unique brand of magic as the band and crowd howled at the unseen moon.  As Jimmy Herring’s guitar licks faded out, JoJo’s keys introduced the “Good People” a tribute to the community of dedicated fans that travel to the ends of the planet to hear this band. It goes deeper than dedication though; it is about the spirit that connects this brotherhood of outcasts, vagrants, and everyday common-men and women, and gently reminds them to be the goodpeople that lift each other up, shedding our bad intentions in order to make this world–or even this day–a brighter, more humane place to live and share.  Dave Schools after asking the audience to be his date introduced his wingman Steve Lopez, Widespread’s touring manager, who thanked the audience and community and insisted on making 2019 the year of love. The two led the countdown bidding adieu to the 2018 and welcoming in 2019 with confetti, balloons, and explosive chaos that subsided into the traditional “Auld Lang Syne” over the house PA.     Notes * w/ Kevin Scott & Nick Johnson – Backing Vocals, Shakers The White Wizard, Jimmy Herring, dispersed holy light from his guitar until the bottom dropped out for a slick and funky jam with portions of Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman” interwoven through the middle section.  It was reminiscent of a year prior at the same venue when the band performed the infamous “Gentleman’s Night” of all male titled and themed songs.  Set 2: Thought Sausage, Travelin’ Light, Pleas > Good People, Honky Red, I’m Not Alone, Saint Ex, Holden Oversoul (62 mins)  “The Waker”[Videos: MrTopDogger] A solemn silence overtook the anxiously awaiting audience in Atlanta’s sold-out Fox Theater last night. The show-time was pushed back to 9 E.S.T. with a three-set jubilee on the table. The six musicians of Widespread Panic walked leisurely to their positions on stage with John Bell electing to take a seat for the first acoustic set.  A raucous “Ain’t Life Grand” allowed JoJo Hermann room to roam on his piano as John Bell provided powerful vocals from his seat. The true force of Jimmy Herring’s guitar was teased before simmering down for a heartfelt rendition of Jorma Kaukonen’s “Genesis.” John Bell was tugging on heartstrings as well as the guitar with the honest lyrics including the appropriate opening verse, “The time has come for us to pause, and think of living as it was. Into the future we must cross. I’d like to go with you.” Jimmy Herring kept the tempo in overdrive for an explosive jam that culminated with a mystical “Zambi rap” in tribute to their late mentor Col. Bruce Hampton who died as the final encore of his own 70th birthday celebration at the same Theater in May 2017. The tribute continued into Skip James’ 1931 cover of “I’m So Glad” that was made famous by Cream but a staple in Col. Bruce Hampton’s repertoire.  Jimmy Herring, as a past bandmate of the Colonel’s, dazzled through the familiar jam.  Hometown performers, Kevin Scott and Nick Johnson, joined the band to add backup vocals and shakers to the homogenous blend of sound. This was only the fourth time that Widespread covered this song. (For more information on Colonel Bruce Hampton’s impact on the band, see Horde Tour and Aquarium Rescue Unit, his roots run deep as cosmic mentor and spiritual advisor).  – 1st set with JBseated – ‘The Waker’ LTP 6/28/2002 Red Rocks (1,083 shows); Firsttime without Mikey The Panics kept the pedal to the floor with a fistful-of-dynamite cover of Murray McLauchlan’s “Honky Red”. John Bell, always treading a fine line on the lunatic fringe, delved deeper into madness as Herring electrified with his lightning guitar licks and Schools threatened to crush his bass with the force of his mighty bear paws. John Bell unified the audience in spirited comradery with a heart-warming rendition of “I’m Not Alone” battling the commonly felt feelings of isolation with the lyrics “I feel a little bit easier… Knowing that you’re all here!” Set 1: For What It’s Worth, Ain’t Life Grand, Genesis, Blight, May Your Glass Be Filled, Space Wrangler (44 mins)  It may be coincidence, but the Fox Theater doesn’t have another show until January  3rd, giving them 72 hours to fix whatever was destroyed in the mayhem that is sure to follow a three-night stay by the Kings of Jam Rock N’ Roll, Widespread Panic. The band never ceases to amaze, and continues to find new ways to shock and awe even their most longtime supporters.  This show was one for the ages, and fights for absolute greatness among the endless Pantheon of great Panic shows.  John Bell orchestrated a spiritually lifting blessing with the original masterpiece “May Your Glass Be Filled” which hasn’t been performed since New Year’s Eve in Nashville two years ago. John Bell blessing the audience with the words, “May your family share laughter; your songs always play.  May your wishes come true; even those left unprayed.” To close the first acoustic set, the Panics executed a stirring tribute to late Widespread Panic guitarist and co-founder, Michael Houser, with “Space Wrangler.” John Bell ad-libbed a rare ending to the second verse “Pass the jail without tears” he added, “his daddy’s in there”. The song progressed building up spectacularly with Jimmy Herring picking up speed and intensity until the first set break allowed the audience refreshment time to find “the place that pours the coldest beer” Returning to the band’s original classics, Dave Schools’ lively bass revealed a suggestive “Little Lilly” before rapping a few more “Arleen” measures in another leisurely transitional jam. The boys knocked a serene “Pilgrims” out of the park before shocking the audience once more with another rarity.  Widespread Panic performed The Hollies’ “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” once before during the legendary Halloween run in 2000, more commonly referred to as Nolaween.   To finish the third and final set, the first set of 2019, the band segued into an uproarious “Chilly Water” that threatened to blow the roof off the prestigious theater. With the audience soaked from thrown cups of water, the band shuffled offstage to regroup before the encores. Encore: End of the Show^, Protein Drink > Bastards In Bubbles > Sewing Machine (21 mins)  To end the last show of this unbelievable three-night run, Widespread Panic crushed an emotionally charged version of The Bloodkin’s “End of the Show” with John Bell sporting his “tiny guitar” (mandolin).  Keeping it in the musical family, the Panics ended the show with a traditional combination with another legendary bust-out hidden in the middle.  The last jam began with Vic Chestnutt’s “Protein Drink” but instead of seguing into “Sewing Machine” as custom predicts, the boys instead played their late friend, Vic Chestnutt’s “Bastards in Bubbles” for the first time ever, from the co-written album Nine High a Pallet.  Dave Schools remained top dog with a haunting version of “Blight” which he co-wrote with Vic Chestnutt. Schools, always slightly mischievous with cutting intelligence, sang the lead vocals with a well-placed jab at the Commander-in-Chief, “I heard some words of wisdom, the other day.  They went in one ear and out of the other one” and added, “They go around the oval office, and around and around. Walls keep people IN too, ya know.” The band emerged from the shadows of the side stage to celebrate the New Year with a special treat that hasn’t been played since the Red Rocks run of 2002. “The Waker” was written by the late space wrangler and co-founder of the band, Mikey Houser, for his newborn son, Waker Houser. After his death, the upbeat song was put on the shelf to never be played again. Or so we thought… the boys jumped right in, blowing the dust off the tune, the disbelief of all in attendance, and gave the goodpeople their ticket value with that bustout alone. Initially, most people were too stunned by the miracle taking place to react, but eventually tears flowed and people rejoiced at the incredible bust-out and celebrated the New Year as well as the soulful life that was Mikey Houser.   It was Jimmy Herring’s first time playing the tune, and he aced it.  Set 3: THE WAKER > Arleen, Pigeons, Greta, I’m So Glad*, Little Lilly, Pilgrims, Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress > Chilly Water (77 mins)  Jimmy Herring navigated the band through the wild ride that is “Saint Ex”.  The song’s build-up and break down of tempo and intensity was based on the incredible story of a German pilot shooting down his favorite author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry– of The Little Prince notoriety–in World War II.  To close the epic second set, the Panics drove home a bouncing “Holden Oversoul” cut from their debut album Space Wrangler. Setlist: Widespread Panic |Fox Theatre | Atlanta, GA | 12/31/18 Kicking off the final show of the year, the boys dove into a politically charged cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”.  The song was one of the first covers the band played together during their first live show at the A-frame in their humble Athens beginnings. It has only been performed two dozen times in Widespread Panic’s illustrious thirty-year career, the last being performed earlier this year during the first night of the St. Panics Day run outside of Washington D.C.  – ‘Long Cool Woman InA Black Dress’ LTP 10/29/2000 NOLA (1,210 shows); 2nd time played The next stop for the band (and the horde of goodpeople) is Riviera Maya, Mexico for Panic en la Playa Ocho. Don’t forget your sunscreen and two-dollar bills, cause it’s gonna be hot on and off the stage. Until next time, goodpeople, work hard, take care of your brothers and sisters, and have a great year ahead.last_img read more

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Lessons in craft

first_imgOften the lights go down on the main stage of the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) in the summertime, but not this year. The Loeb Drama Center is abuzz with “Finding Neverland” a musical based on the life of J.M. Barrie and the inspiration behind his story “Peter Pan.”On Tuesday, the Brattle Street playhouse was humming with an eager young crowd. After making their way from Roxbury, 20 budding playwrights ages 10 to 14 spilled off a yellow school bus and into the Loeb as part of a collaboration with the A.R.T. and 826 Boston, a nonprofit that helps young students develop their writing skills.Throughout the five-week theater and writing program, the students are crafting short plays inspired by the magical themes in “Neverland,” with help from 826 Boston tutors and A.R.T. professionals. Their works will come to life during a one-night performance at Boston’s Strand Theatre on Aug. 15.Prior to seeing “Neverland” on Tuesday evening, the students received feedback on their early efforts from cast members and A.R.T. Artistic Director Diane Paulus.“We wanted to offer the students a little more inspiration as they go into their second drafts about how to use their imaginations and just some encouragement to really go wild with what they think up,” said Georgia Young, the A.R.T.’s education and community programs assistant.“To see them so invested in their ideas, but also learning how to compromise, learning how to combine ideas, or let things go, or build on other people’s ideas is really exciting.”last_img read more

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Venezuelans Cross the Border into Brazil in Search of Basic Supplies and Shelter

first_imgBy Andréa Barretto / Diálogo June 27, 2019 “The flow of Venezuelans stayed basically the same after the border reopened, as they were still coming to Brazil via alternative routes while it was closed. However, the path through the official border simplified the transit of those in search of refuge, as well as food and medicine, sold in Brazilian cities,” said Brazilian Army (EB, in Portuguese) Colonel Carla Beatriz Medeiros de Souza, chief of Public Affairs for Operation Shelter, a humanitarian logistics task force EB coordinates. Operation Shelter provides rapid response to Venezuelan migrants. The operation has triage stations and shelters in Pacaraima and Boa Vista cities, in Roraima, a Brazilian state that shares a 1,300-kilometer border with Venezuela. The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, in Spanish) blocked Highway BR-174, connecting Brazil and Venezuela, on February 21, 2019. The border reopened to people and vehicles on May 10. The border closure, upon orders from Nicolás Maduro, was meant to stop the delivery of basic supplies to the Venezuelan people coming from a Brazilian humanitarian campaign in cooperation with the United States. Faced with their country’s increasing crisis, Venezuelans followed trails through the jungle around the blocked highway, putting their lives at risk. Reuters news agency reported that GNB soldiers extorted Venezuelans, charging the passage to alternative routes bound for Brazil at about $12 a head. “Wearing Venezuelan uniforms, they blatantly demand money, even to cross by foot. They are taking advantage of us,” said Yeral Garate, an immigrant Reuters interviewed. Continuous exit According to Operation Shelter, a daily average of 600 to 700 Venezuelans crossed into Brazil from January 2019, until the border closure. The numbers barely wavered during the official blockade since the “situation in Venezuela really forces people to leave the country,” said Allana Ferreira, from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Roraima. As of June 2019, the flow of Venezuelans crossing the Venezuela-Brazil border remains the same. In Pacaraima, Operation Shelter has a temporary shelter with a capacity of about 600 persons. There are 11 shelters in Boa Vista that can welcome about 6,000 people. All shelters are full.last_img read more

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Nassau Evicts Gnomes from Mill Pond Park

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County officials recently evicted the fairy and gnome homes from Mill Pond Park about three months after the village of miniature figurines magically moved into the woods on the Bellmore-Wantagh border.Andy Kuzma, the Levittown man who built and placed most of the tiny toy houses in the park, was disappointed in the development, as were families that enjoyed seeing them while strolling along the path that circles the pond. But county officials said the gnomes and their homes were against the rules.“There is a county ordinance that forbids putting structures up in our county parks,” said Michael Martino, spokesman for Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. “However, we did reach out to discuss with this gentleman.”Kuzma confirmed that the county called him, informed him of a complaint against the gnomes and asked if he could relocate the village to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow — a request Kuzma denied.“I don’t think I will pressure the county,” Kuzma said. “But I do hope that they will at least allow me again since so many of the community are very disappointed in [the gnomes’] removal.”The displays, which were carefully placed at the base of several trees in the park, were made to look as though the mythological creatures have taken up residence beside the pond. They also included figurines of dinosaurs, owls and frogs.Others who had followed Kuzma’s lead and placed homemade tiny houses for figurines in the park also have removed their structures. Despite the development, Kuzma said he will continue his volunteer efforts to clean up the park, something he has done for years.Blythe Worster, a 40-year-old mother of two from Bellmore who regularly took her daughters to see the gnomes and fairies, was saddened at the news.“The whole thing is just so disappointing,” she said. “The gnome displays were really bringing so many people together. It was creative and artistic. “It taught the kids so much about community and pride and even recycling and reusing materials,” she continued. “Although I understand that it is a preserve, nothing was being permanently altered. No trees were being cut down and nothing was being nailed into the trees. It was something both kids and adults loved and worked on. It gave the community something to be excited about during a time when it seems like there’s just so much evil and negative in the world.”last_img read more

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