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Antarctic Circumpolar Deep Water; a Quaternary paleoflow record from the northern Scotia Sea, South Atlantic Ocean

first_imgIn the northern Scotia Sea, the main pathway of Circumpolar Deep Water (CPDW) flows north to pass through a deep gap in the North Scotia Ridge before turning east into the Falkland Trough. A sediment drift has developed on the seabed since the early-middle Miocene, coincident with the opening of Drake Passage and the inception of deep-water flow. Seismic and acoustic surveys show that the drift covers an area of 10,500 km 2 and forms a broadly asymmetrical mound up to 800 m thick. There is a zone of sediment thinning along the northwestern margin, the result of accentuated CPDW flow around rough ocean floor topography. Small debris flows originating around the margins of the drift suggest localized instability and high sediment supply. Four cores 3-9 m long have been recovered from the crest and margins of the drift in water depths of 3900-4300 m. Biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy reveal that the longest core extends down to oxygen isotope stage 10 (approx. 370 ka). The sediments are predominantly fine-grained contourites and diatom-rich hemipelagites, capped by sandy-silty contourites rich in the planktonic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma. Grain-size analysis of the fine fraction, finer than 4 phi (63 mm), combined with radiocarbon (AMS) dating and magnetic susceptibility, provide an indication of relative CPDW strength over the last 18 ka. Shortly after the last glacial maximum (LGM), at approximately 17 ka, silt modes fluctuated from 5.5 phi to up to 6.25 phi; this increased current winnowing is indicative of an unstable CPDW, with stormier glacial benthic conditions producing sporadic, high-energy currents across the drift crest and flanks. At approximately 12,280 ka, an increase in sediment sorting is noted, indicative of a strong flow of CPDW over the drift crest, suggesting an unstable and fluctuating deep-water flow. During deglaciation and into the Holocene, at approximately 10 ka, CPDW flow stabilized, becoming less vigorous across the drift crest and flanks with silt modes from 6 phi to 5.5 phi accompanied by increased sorting of the sediments. The gross average sedimentation rate from the crest of the drift is 11.2 cm/ky compared to 2.3 cm/ky on the southeastern flank. The unsteadiness of CPDW during glacials compared to interglacial periods may be the result of stronger wind forcing and a northward shift in the Polar Front. Older CPDW flow records from the cores suggest variable and cyclic bottom-current flow corresponding to glacial-interglacial episodes. Modern CPDW flow across the crest of the drift averages 11.6 cm s (super -1) but with intermittent benthic storm activity resuspending the fines.last_img read more

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Channelized ice melting in the ocean boundary layer beneath Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica

first_imgIce shelves play a key role in the mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheets by buttressing their seaward-flowing outlet glaciers; however, they are exposed to the underlying ocean and may weaken if ocean thermal forcing increases. An expedition to the ice shelf of the remote Pine Island Glacier, a major outlet of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet that has rapidly thinned and accelerated in recent decades, has been completed. Observations from geophysical surveys and long-term oceanographic instruments deployed down bore holes into the ocean cavity reveal a buoyancy-driven boundary layer within a basal channel that melts the channel apex by 0.06 meter per day, with near-zero melt rates along the flanks of the channel. A complex pattern of such channels is visible throughout the Pine Island Glacier shelf.last_img read more

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Stage Whispers: The Critic

first_imgI open a solitary bloodshot eye and reach for the phone.“You’re needed at a press preview.  They’ve been waiting twenty minutes!”If they will schedule these blasted things at three o’clock in the bally afternoon, they might well expect a critic taking a dark view of proceedings. Still, objectivity, that’s the ticket. So, with undue abruptness, the week’s labours commence. After a fortifying snoot of Armagnac, stiffening the sinews as it were, I summon my man Smuckers to call the car up.The grisly business dispensed with, I pop by the Madding for a few complimentary snifters.  Will Young sends over the customary case of Montecristo, topping chap, and that old dear Cartwright treats me to a glass of vino.  His selection of wine number two on the list (House Red) is duly noted, curiously coinciding with the number of stars his next production will be receiving.Making to leave, the way is blocked by that unwashed guttersnipe Hunt screeching some hullabaloo concerning the proletariat.  As the impudent clod reels from the force of ivory striking forehead, I brush aside some beseeching freshmen with an airy wave of the digits. If the fellows wish to curry favour by disporting au naturel in the rumpus room, they can dashed well get in line.I return to the study around tennish, with a view to bashing the damn thing out. My long-time housekeeper Mrs Buddle, a kindly doddering presence, helps me into my smoking jacket while I set to musing. That intractable yank Seddon interrupts part way through with some inquiry. Jolly nice fellow, though perfectly incomprehensible. The squib is usually wired back to me in five minutes or so with some annotation. “You can’t call Sophie D a **** in print!  Think of the litigation -RM”.  Poor chap.  A decent sort, but low on spunk.Exhausting work, naturally. A servant of the public has a duty to those who depend upon him to remain vigorous and acute. The responsibility of relaxation, if you will. Always partial to the traditional sauna, I prefer to end the working week with a healthful blast of Finnish steam. I reflect on integrity and sacrifice as Sian Robbins-Grace emerges from the billowing clouds grinning maliciously, birch bough firmly in hand.last_img read more

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Help to set a new skills agenda

first_imgEmployers have been invited to set the agenda for a new food and drink ’excellence’ qualification.Food and drink sector skills council Improve is setting up a working group of employers, including bakers, to consult on best practice in areas such as lean manufacturing, sustainability and quality. The results will be used as a basis for a new publicly accredited qualification, as part of the national Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF).Warburtons, United Biscuits and Northern Foods have all expressed an interest in the group’s first meeting on 25 June, and Improve is keen to hear from more companies of any size.last_img read more

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Ginsters broaches NPD with dough-based snack

first_imgGinsters has taken a step away from its traditional pastry-based snacks with its latest offering Cornish Bara, which is made with a soft bread dough outer.It is the first time the firm has launched a bread dough-based product, and it has spent the past 12 months developing the range.Head of brand marketing Andy Valentine told British Baker that the product has required investment in a lot of new machinery at its Callington site in Cornwall, additional staff training, and extensive development work in a suitable dough recipe. The dough does not contain yeast, but does contain baking powder in order to achieve the right aeration.The range, initially in Flame Grilled Chicken, Spicy Meatball and Hog Roast varieties, has been developed specifically for microwave baking. The Bara which is the Cornish word for bread contains significantly less fat than a standard pasty.Valentine said the launch was likely to spark a raft of NPD for other dough-based products.The brand will benefit from a £6.5m marketing campaign, including the launch of Ginsters’ first iPhone app, as well as TV advertising from June. It will be available in the impulse sector from mid-March, and rolled out to the multiples in the summer.>>’Man plea’ is centre of new Ginsters drivelast_img read more

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‘E Pluribus Domus’

first_imgAsk Wesley Mann ’13 what a typical Saturday night on campus is like, and he’ll tell you it’s a scene from the “Inferno.”“When I walk into the Inferno Grille late, I usually see about 20 or so people staggering about, playing pool, foosball, watching SportsCenter reruns, and such,” he said. “But the best part is that most of the time, people who never talk to each other will bond over mozzarella sticks or how delicious the brioche rolls of the Domus Domus are.”The Eliot House Grille — affectionately named “the Inferno” for, among other reasons, its basement location — has never been hotter. Thanks to recent enhancements, including leather sofas and chairs, a boss sound system, and dimmable lights, the beloved social space is welcoming more students and serving up more fun and snacks.“Now the space is flexible and conducive to holding Stein Club, live music events, registered parties, and, perhaps most importantly, just attracting people on a weekend night to relax with whoever is there,” said Gail O’Keefe, co-Master of Eliot House. “Our grille managers are also really outstanding, and keep the food flowing well into the early-morning hours.”The resurgence follows a fallow period for the grille. Hassles around setting up a new online ordering system kept the Inferno dark for much of the fall semester in 2010. In the spring, however, the management passed to Jordan Sessler ’13 and Elena Pepe ’13, residents with a passion for the grille.“I first came here as a freshman with my bloc mates after we had been assigned to Eliot House,” said Sessler. “We randomly stumbled across the grille. We got Oreo milkshakes and loved them. As soon as we had the chance to take it over, we did. As soon as we could get it open, we did.”Sessler and Pepe said there was great enthusiasm for the grille’s reopening. Residents were delighted to have a place to go for snacks long after “brain breaks” were over. The grille serves a menu of high-calorie, high-cholesterol treats that would make a Sumo wrestler blush: milkshakes made with cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream; french fries; and deep-fried mozzarella sticks. For most patrons, however, there is only one must-have item on the menu.“My favorite order is definitely the Domus Domus,” said Mann.You may think you’ve had a double cheeseburger before, but Inferno regulars assert that you really haven’t until you’ve tried the Domus Domus. The grille uses top-quality beef and cheese, but the sandwich is really all about the roll, as Sessler discovered by accident this semester.“When we did our first order of food for the year, it had been a while because we were gone all summer,” he said. “I couldn’t find buns on the online ordering menu, so I just ordered brioche rolls. It turns out buns make the burger. They’re so good that people are often tempted just to eat the roll.”With all due respect to the dominance of the Domus Domus, the most remarkable thing about the Inferno Grille is not what’s on its menu; it’s the space’s power to draw residents together. Sessler said that, soon after the Grille reopened, he saw people playing pool or foosball whom he had never seen speak to each other before.“The Grille is a great place to bring the House together, and to bring different people together,” he said. “At Harvard, as you may know, there are so many different groups. There are the Final Club people. There are the really smart people. There are people who make their homes on athletic teams or social clubs and organizations. There are people who don’t go out on the weekends at all. There are people who go out to clubs and come back at 2 a.m. The grille is one of the few places on campus where all these groups come together.”Pepe and Sessler are looking to leverage the recent enhancements to the Inferno to expand the grille’s patronage. There’s more seating than ever, so more students can join Mann for SportsCenter on one of the new leather couches in front of the high-def, flat-screen TV. With a roof-rocking JBL audio system and limitless selections on iTunes, the world is the grille’s jukebox. Improved lighting makes it bright enough to spot the eight ball on the far side of the pool table, or dim enough for a late-night snack with a sweetheart.“The improvements have definitely increased the number of people who stick around after ordering their food,” said Pepe. “It really helps build the community down here.”Suzy Nelson, dean of students, said the grille plays an important role in the River House community, which made its refurbishment a priority for the College.“Undergraduates are asking for additional social space that is not necessarily programmed, but that can serve as a place to drop in, enjoy friends, and meet new people,” she said. “The Eliot Grille provides options for late-night dining, and also offers students from the River Houses an area to socialize safely.   We have given a lot of thought to increasing social space for students, and the recent improvements at Eliot House are good examples of these efforts.”Mann said he has a “special bond” with the space and sees it as a place to relax, connect, and have fun amid the hectic Harvard experience.“The grille truly is a melting pot of Harvard social spheres,” he said. “Its’ really close to my heart — and we have really intense foosball games down there.”last_img read more

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Disruption and Change Management – Part II

first_imgChange can be a bumpy road.I’ve had a number of conversations about my previous post, The Disruption Dilemma.  As a result of those conversations, in this post I’m going to explore the role process has on technology adoption and share my thoughts on managing change.To be honest, I used to look at process like I would a very large, ugly spider. Stay well away from it, or try to squash it.It is my past few years at VCE that have helped me to fully appreciate and value the benefits of a good process. My team has gone through both evolution of charter and dramatic increased demand for resources. Without good process, we would have had little chance to be successful.The Need for ProcessThe issue is that disruption, by its very nature, breaks process. When faced with breakage we tend to try to piece it back together like a child with a smashed vase and superglue. The result is something that kind of looks like it did before, and kind of works, but eventually the truth is found out and we are forced to start new. If created new from the beginning, we could have realized a level and speed of return greater than ever imagined.So how do we apply that lesson? A lot of parallels remain between what happened with VoIP and what is happening now with CI. Processes like acquisition, chargeback, change management, and security take on whole new dimensions that cannot be accommodated by the current “way we have always done things.”Change ManagementLet us look at an example in change management. In the VoIP days, the process became overly complex and messy since we used to apply the old process to the new, and we tried to align change windows for the network, the application, security, etc. It was painful, to say the least.The better way is to blow up the process and rethink how we affected change. In that situation, redundancy was our savior. If we built the network so we could change or upgrade individual components in an N+1 manner, we were able to step through the change without affecting the uptime of our voice. The same was true for all the application components, redundant signaling, codecs, and voicemail applications allowed us to upgrade quickly with none, or minimal, downtime.The same concept applies to CI. Once you get multiple customers, each running mission critical applications, it is difficult to align change windows. We need to blow up the current processes and rethink how to leverage technology to support the process – not the other way around. At VCE we have spent a tremendous amount of time building change management processes for the Vblock Systems that are non-disruptive to the applications running on it.As technologists, vendors and end-users, we all need to understand that we are the ones equipped to enable our own success. We can learn from the past and accelerate our future.This topic deserves a much broader discussion, and we invite you to join the conversation on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.last_img read more

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Tim Daly & More Set for The Ruins of Civilization

first_img View Comments The Ruins of Civilization Show Closed This production ended its run on June 5, 2016 Tim Daly(Photo: Bruce Glikas)center_img Related Shows Tim Daly and more have been tapped for Penelope Skinner’s The Ruins of Civilization. Directed by Leah C. Gardiner, tickets are now available for the world premiere, which will play a limited engagement off-Broadway May 4 through June 5. Opening night is set for May 18 at Manhattan Theatre Club’s New York City Center—Stage II.Joining Daly (Madam Secretary) as Silver will be Orlagh Cassidy (The Field) as Joy, Rachael Holmes (Ruined) as Dolores and Roxanna Hope (Frost/Nixon) as Maria.From the playwright behind The Village Bike, sometime in the future, Dolores and Silver are living their married life within the constraints and norms of a new world order. In an act of what seems like pure generosity, Dolores secretly opens their home to a stranger in need; but will she come to regret it? Can her actions have an impact or is it just too late?The production will feature scenic design by Neil Patel, costume design by Jessica Pabst, lighting design by Philip S. Rosenberg and original music and sound design by John Gromada.last_img read more

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Malaysian bank CIMB to exit coal sector entirely by 2040

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Eco-Business:Malaysian bank CIMB has unveiled a comprehensive climate policy that rules out any exposure to coal power by 2040, aligning Southeast Asia’s fifth-largest bank with the Paris Agreement on climate change.The Kuala Lumpur-headquartered financial services group announced on Tuesday (8 December) that it will prohibit asset-level or general corporate financing for new thermal coal mines, new coal-fired power plants and expansions, except where there are existing commitments in place. CIMB also said that it expects power generation companies such as national electricity utilities to provide a diversification strategy to reduce the share of coal in their power generation mix.The new coal policy makes CIMB the first bank in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to commit to phasing out coal from its portfolio by 2040, surpassing the pledges made by Singapore’s big three finance groups in 2019; the commitments made by Singapore’s banks do not include a portfolio phase-out date, only an end to new project-level finance.In a statement, CIMB chairman Datuk Mohd Nasir Ahmad, said the bank’s coal sector guide was the latest major milestone in its sustainability journey, and “part of our commitment to intensify our efforts on two fronts: grow our positive impact finance and enable a just transition to a climate-compatible future”.The policy will come into effect in 2021, and apply across all of the company’s operating markets, which include China, United States, United Kingdom, India and Sri Lanka as well as key Southeast Asian markets Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.This move is in support of the Malaysia central bank’s agenda to build climate resilience in the country’s financial sector. In a speech in October, Bank Negara Malaysia governor Datuk Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus outlined a number of ways Malaysia’s finance sector needed to respond to the climate crisis, including the introduction of a Climate Change and Principles-based Taxonomy.[Robin Hicks]More: Malaysia’s CIMB bank unveils 2040 coal exit plan Malaysian bank CIMB to exit coal sector entirely by 2040last_img read more

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10 Essentials for the Fall Car Camping Season

first_imgNothing says fall like loading up the car or truck with your favorite camping gear and heading to the nearest forest road or family campsite. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend of hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, or whatever kind of outdoor activitiy you can find within the short drive of a well-established base camp, dust off the old checklist and make sure a handful of these car camping essentials find their way into your inventory of essential gear items.1. Big Agnes Tensleep Station 6I’m all for lightweight gear and minimalism when backpacking, but when I’m car camping I like a little extra space in my tent. The Big Agnes Tensleep Station 6 is the ideal car camping tent because it provides more than adequate space and comfort, wether its being used by a couple with a dog or a family of six. And, because its a Big Agnes product, it pops up with ease and provides maximum protection from the elements.tensleep-station-4_6_tentwithfly-fullyclosed2. Everest Camp ChefYou’ll be hard pressed to find a better car camping cook stove than the Everest from Camp Chef. The two 20,000 BTU burners allow it to boil water quickly and cook food almost as evenly as your home stove. Throw in the protective windscreen, which makes for easy cooking in less than ideal conditions, and its extreme portability, and you’ve got the only car camping cook stove you’ll ever need. 3. Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp LanternIf you’re anything like me you get tired of slathering on oily, chemical-laden topical mosquito repellent. While DEET usually keeps the bugs off, who knows what it’s actually doing to you once absorbed through the skin. Enter the Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repeller Camp Lantern. Like other Thermacell products, this thing imposes a 15 X 15 foot no fly zone on mosquitos, biting flies and other types of winged insect that can turn your pleasant evening around the camp fire into an itchy nightmare. It does so by vaporizing a natural occurring, insect-repelling chemical found in common Chrysanthemums. Oh, and there’s also that added benefit of providing 220 lumens of bright light for hours on end. This thing is a win-win.  trailblazer_mr-cl-close_415_png4. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar GeneratorWhen you’re posted up at a primitive site, a little back up power can become a real luxury. No company is better at providing that luxury than Goal Zero with their award winning solar panels and chargeable, eco-firendly generators. If you’re looking to break into the world of fume free generators, the Yeti 150 is the perfect place to start. It has the battery capacity to re-charge a typical smart phone over 15 times or a laptop twice. The interface includes an LCD display that shows remaining battery life as well as a USB port, an AC outlet and a 9V port.andyearl_catalogshoot_001211 5. Wacaco MinipressoWho says you can’t have gourmet coffee at the campite? Wacaco has shattered that myth with the brilliantly engineered and super affordable Minipresso. This hand pump espresso maker produces a velvety and flavorful shot of espresso with ease and simplicity every time.012-hd6. Maven B.3 BinocularsIf you’re camping in an area where wildlife sightings are common, bring along a pair quality binos for some added entertainment. The B.3 binoculars from Maven are some of the best 6X magnification binoculars on the market right now. Throw in the unconditional lifetime warranty, and you’ve got some top notch glass that will last you a lifetime. Not only do they work exceedingly well in low light conditions, but they offer a level of clarity and focus that is hard to find at similar price points. Wether you’re scoping out a herd of elk in the Cataloochee Valley or watching a bald eagle soar high above the Tuckaseegee River, the Maven B.3’s will magnify the experience tenfold.maven_b3_bino7. Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen KitA good knife set at the campsite is an absolute must, and they don’t get much better than the Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit from Gerber. The handy thing about this setup, aside from the high quality knives that the Gerber name is known for, is the way they managed to incorporate a cutting board and a sharpener into a compact design that has room for additional utensils. This will become an indispensable tool in your car camping inventory.freescapecampkitchenkit_30-001041_std18. Exped Mega Mat10 or SIM Comfort Duo 7.5Nothing contributes to the overall enjoyment of a car camping adventure like a good night’s sleep. You may get away with skimping in other departments, but if you don’t pack appropriate bedding you could be in for a long, uncomfortable trip. Avoid that scenario with the Mega Mat10 or the SIM Comfort Duo 7.5 from Exped. This Swiss company has broken the camping mat game down to a science, and as a result, they are the proud makers of the best car camping mats available today. If you’re sleeping solo go for the Mega Mat10—its more comfortable than most people’s home beds—but if you’re shacking up with a significant other , he Sim Comfort Duo 7.5 is impossible to beat.14_sim_comfort_duo_75 9. Fiskars X11 Splitting AxeWhen you’re setting up in remote areas for days on end and fire is your primary source of heat, a good splitting ax becomes an absolute must, and no brand engineers axes better than Fiskars. That’s probably because this Finnish company has been creating useful yard and outdoor products for over 360 years. That’s right, they started forging axes some 120 years before the United States became a formally recognized nation. In fact, legend has it that George Washington chopped down his first cherry with an early model Fiskars splitting ax. Did I just make that story up? Absolutely, but that shouldn’t deter you purchasing one of these extremely handy tools before embarking on your next multi-day, car camping adventure. fiskars-x11-splitting-axe10. Orion 45 CoolerCar Camping doesn’t really work with a good cooler. Luckily, we live the golden age of ice chests, and there’s even a locally made option for those living in and around the southern Appalachians. Features of the Orion 45 include six tie-down points, four bottle openers, low profile camping latches, a variety of different color options, and a highly functional tray system. Not to mention, it holds ice for days on end.45-forest-front_fixRelated:center_img 229099_5693_llast_img read more

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