Sea fishing within a set of training system of out of print

see this training system, I feel a little old Zhang Yongzhen Watson. He is not only teaching staff to do things, it is important to call them how to behave. Contact today in a hotel experience, but also feel the need to send this to everyone. The success of the sea fishing has his reason. Good staff, must be able to treat customers, customers will be more happy, respect for employees, employees will be more happy, because their pay has been recognized by the society, this kind of positive energy, positive cycle, sea fishing is the secret of success!) read more

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Kunming southwest area new home prices rose the highest chain

2016 has been in the past half of the time, yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the 1-4 month, the price of housing in major cities in China, and the following Xiaobian look at it!

data show that in April Kunming (real estate) new commercial housing prices rose 0.8%. Among them, 90 square meters of new commercial housing prices rose 0.9%; 90 square meters to 144 square meters of new commodity housing prices rose 1.1%; more than 144 square meters of new commercial housing prices rose 0.3%. From the other three southwest of the provincial capital city, Guiyang new commercial housing prices rose 0.7%, Chongqing (real estate) rose 0.4%, Chengdu rose 0.6%, the month of Kunming belongs to the southwest area of the city with the highest prices of new homes rose. read more

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What do you think of the wild man of entrepreneurs

now choose to start a lot of friends, but success does not favor everyone. Is to become a MVP as a good entrepreneur a few days ago, there has to be a way, with vision, as the last, not interpretation, to say a few more words.

as the" lean financing get 10 million start-up capital of the entrepreneur, is typical of the lack of wild entrepreneurs. The characteristics of this kind of entrepreneurs is everything to Zhou Zheng, the three years after the events are thought of, but forget the enterprises can walk for three years. This entrepreneurial way like software development in Paul Graham’s "Ave Maria model", three years after a closed door, like the virgin Maria debut, coming, wearing rings, foot, the auspicious clouds cheered, but the classical way certainly can not adapt to the changing environment they change rapidly, finally ushered in the not is cheering, but teasing and ridicule. read more

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Seven in what conditions to join Wang pasta noodles

pasta types have their own characteristics, what beyond count, Sichuan noodles, Chongqing small noodles, what the Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef. So many dishes Sliced noodles has been one of the popular favorite pasta, its taste and smooth, flexible strength, has a broad mass base in China, with carry forward the Chinese food culture and eating habits between different nations and regions are shrinking, Sliced noodles more popular.

seven has a new face Wang artificial Sliced noodles machine, has the advantages of simple operation, automatic intelligent operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, easy to attract customers and other advantages, is a major breakthrough in the application of artificial intelligence technology in food industry. A dough cutting machine is so smart, what is it conditions to join read more

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The old Beijing sugar machine saving small business project

for an investor, the entrepreneur will be thinking about the choice of low cost, high profit items to venture. So, with this condition only the old Beijing sugar painting machine. How old Beijing sugar machine? Not only has a high popularity, join the selection is also very advantageous!

old Beijing sugar machine to join what is the cost?

old Beijing sugar painting machine is the perfect combination of traditional technology and modern technology, is our ancestors left behind precious cultural essence, edible and ornamental. The children ate the joy and sweet, young men and women to eat out of the warm and fashion, the elderly eat from the happiness and memories. The old Beijing sugar machine after the launch, it has been recognized by many consumers and investors in the market. read more

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Open shop location reference

even open a flower shop, franchisees also need to carefully consider the location problem. Today, each industry is very competitive, only the location of success, win at the starting line, to be able to operate easily. What are the main site selection? Let’s take a look.

1, downtown

in the downtown area from the main store to open shop, business center and the main station should be closer, the flow of people in front of the door should be relatively large, and the sidewalks should have sufficient width for parking (making floats very convenient). However, such stores are generally not very cheap. As an ordinary flower shop, as long as one of the one or two can meet. The shop in the downtown area, service object to the floating population, they may not have too much time to wait, so you should be inserted ahead of several floral products, how many points a grade, so that all customers can choose as soon as possible to the required goods, the goods can be engaged in all kinds of gifts, handicrafts, jewelry etc.. read more

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Tire wheel hub repair best entrepreneurial projects

in our side, the car market, has been very much the choice of the market space for the development of the project. With the continuous increase in the number of cars around us, the maintenance of the car market is gradually rising. Undoubtedly, for entrepreneurs, choose to join the car after the market, is the choice of the development of space. How about the repair of the tire hub? The best choice for brand project entrepreneurship.

Denaifu tire wheel maintenance more than and 10 years devoted to the study of tyre puncture repair, we adopt rubber vulcanization, hot cold vulcanization technology, sidewall professional repair all kinds of senior car tire: Luo injured, wounded, injured, stabbed pad, etc.. After repair, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi A8, A6, such as the repair of tens of thousands of tires, the use of quality problems over the past few years. read more

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This morning the storm caused the prince Ping Cun Luonan Shaanxi town Lost Patrol

typhoon’s influence began to decrease, many people finally breathed a sigh of relief, however, the storm was once again around the country, and even caused some places lost contact, so that people worry about. In July 12th at around 1 am, Luonan County town of inspection by heavy rains, causing the town 8 villages affected to varying degrees, causing serious losses to the agricultural production and the life of the masses, infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprises. At present, due to communication, roads, located in the mountains of the village the whole village lost prince, thousands of villagers unknown, local authorities are launching an emergency measures. read more

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